Urgent help required please! Individual seller international shipping issue


I am an individual seller UK & yesterday 2 orders were made 1 from Amazon. Es & other from Guernsey.

My items come under Garden category which is not supported by shipping credits.

The items to be shipped cost £13 & £43 more than value of the sale. Amazon has already stated that to cancel the orders will result in a penalty on account.

Questions .

  1. Should I fulfill the orders & take the loss.
    2 .Why is Amazon allowing people to purchase from other countries that I haven’t signed up to sell from?
    I have about 12 hours left of my 48 hours to ship lol.
    Thanks in advance for any help.


Is the Guernsey order heavy, as Royal Mail are same cost as UK mainland for C.I.

It’s really your call to take the hit on cost, or metrics, but one cancelled order is unlikely to cause problems and is only a short term defect.

May be worth checking your listings (individually) to see if any are enabled for Europe/Worldwide shipping and limit to UK only.


You need to check your shipping settings and make sure that you have clicked UK only.

When you say you received an order from Amazon es, do you mean the buyer lives in Spain but ordered from the UK site, or they ordered from the Spanish site ?
If so then I assume you must have registered for the European sites ?