URGENT: Upload your VAT number now


Just received the below email from Amazon saying our account doesn’t have a VAT number, whereas the reality is we do have a UK VAT number and it’s clearly listed on our account . Anyone else received?

We only sell in the UK, don’t do Pan Euro FBA, don’t allow stock to be stored anywhere but the UK so no idea what’s going on.

I’m now worried that we’re going to get suspended for something we’ve no idea about.

Any ideas?

Dear Seller,

Please read this message carefully: Your seller account does not have VAT number and we need you to update it in Seller Central.

Please upload all European VAT numbers that you have available at xxxx

VAT Services on Amazon is a convenient and cost-effective solution which enables you to handle your VAT registration and filing requirements directly from Seller Central. First year subscription is free. Please visit [VAT Services on Amazon] xxxx for further information.

If you assess that you need to be VAT registered, please apply for your VAT number now since the process can take several months to complete. For more information, please visit the following link: xxxxx

Amazon Services Europe


We received that email too, we too have our VAT number on all Amazon marketplaces. Weird, I think it’s spam. There’s nothing in seller central requesting the same.

If your VAT is entered in seller central, I wouldn’t click any of the links


Thanks. I certainly hope it’s spam, but you never know with Amazon…


I have had it and I am not VAT registered.
I have had them before and they were definitely spam.
Not saying this one is, but as long as you check your account info and all in good order, and no red flag then should be OK.


It’s very easy for Amazon to solve this spam headache and constant postings of account compromises.

No email from Amazon should have a link to click. FULL STOP

If anything needs to be updated, the email should be a notification requesting you to login into your account and action XYZ. But because Amazon still sends out such emails, it leaves sellers confused on whether it’s real or not. There will be very small number of new or inexperienced sellers that get caught out.

A simple solution to avoid unnecessary headache for sellers and Amazon seller support.



I’ve just looked into further and it’s come from

Amazon Services Europe no-reply@sell.amazon.com

Whilst I’m not going to click through, I’m pretty sure it’s valid as I get other Amazon emails from the same address that are valid (e.g. disbursement emails).

It’s worrying as it’s flagged as “URGENT”, then followed by, “Please read this message carefully…”

I initially thought a blanket email to everybody, but now not so sure.

A very stressful place to do business. You buy stock specifically to sell on this platform and you are always what feels like a breath away from getting suspended

  1. This email address can be masked.

  2. Look at the links, they don’t start with https:, they state http: Having checked other emails, they links start with https:

I would suggest you contact seller support and request further info, send a screenshot of the email.


Thanks, I have done. Very convincing if it is fake.

I’ve been through a few emails from the same address and quite a few have http links rather than https, e.g.:

7/10 - No fees for inventory removal in UK fulfilment centres
18/9 - Your products are listed on Amazon.se – check your selection
27/8 - Pan-European FBA – Start writing your story
25/8 - VAT Education #4: Program specific VAT requirements
20/8 - Pan-European FBA – Your international success story
19/8 - Reminder: Free inventory removal ends August 21


I wish there was some place in account settings where we could just confirm that our businesses are not VAT registered and do not need to be. My turnover is nowhere near the threshold and all my stock is in the UK and always will be. It’s so boring to be bombarded with emails of this type. I get one most days on this subject.


I have had the same email this morning, I am not VAT registered and do not think need to be. I sell four books, all based and in the UK and distributed from the UK. They do not earn enough money for me to have to be Vat registered. I am not sure what to do and do not want my account suspending for something that I am not required to do. Any help/advice would be appreciated.


If you do not need to be VAT registered then ignore it.


Amazon frequently send emails which strongly imply sellers should be VAT registered and using their VAT calculation service. Just delete them.


This isn’t their vat calculation service, it’s a new vat service that they’re offering, and although initially free for for the 1st year will then have to be paid for. The email is essentially a sales pitch but it’s written in such a way that it seems to be telling you you have to do it which is rubbish. Talk about deceptive!


yes you are right this is just marketing for their vat service but written in a semi threatening way


I am sole proprieter and have no VAT number. Is this a spam ?


Ignore it.
As said above, it is Amazon’s rather heavy-handed way of marketing something that not everyone needs.


Did anyone else think that this e-mail just read like pure spam


didn’t realise it was a forum post it came up as an urgent thing on my dashboard & I wake up angry with Amazon every day . Please don’t answer this as I don’t want to see anything Amazon related in my inbox.


even better just use their own useless messaging system and forget sending to external emails


In settings you can choose which emails you receive. I do not get emails in my inbox which are notifications of replies to forum posts - that would just clutter up inbox.