US Verified - UK/EU Deactivated


Hi all, I started the process of registering a seller account for both US and EU Marketplaces. The process for the US was seamless and easy, documentation was provided as requested and after a few days my account was activated. Using the same documents my UK/EU Registration has been nothing but a headache that seems to just go around in circles. I have provided everything requested using the appeal button and just dont seem to get any replies. I have tried using support but it is limited as my account is deactivated and if you ask a question you get an automatic reply saying this email is not the correct channel to submit an appeal. All I want is my UK seller account approved and ready just as my US account is. Why is the process so difficult? Any solutions?


Hi there

I have a similar problem. Had my UK/EU account deactivated and now cannot resolve this. I have tried appealing but nothing happens. And the support option is very limited.
I am going to write to Amazon CEO UK directly to get this resolved.

Would be interested to know how you fix this.