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Good Afternoon Guys,

I have done a quick search of the forums but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Customer has returned product due to quality concern, this is my first VOC notification and I would like to offer my apologies to the customer and offer a free of charge replacement if they wanted?

The refund has been initiaited so may not want a replamcent, but as a small business owner, would like to do the decent thing and offer my persoanl apologies.

Is this possible?


Personally I wouldn’t
If your wording isn’t perfect it could be seen as you asking for removal of feedback and reviews and could land you with a policy violation

If its the only one you’ve sold, you need to look at the product and listing details to ensure its listed correctly

If you’ve sold many, it could just be a customer who expected something else and therefore wouldn’t be happy receiving the same item as a replacement


Thanks @The_Little_Shop
Part of me was expecting the usual “Are you registered in the UK / Have you completed verification / Are you UK resident” type of questions :joy: Just kidding, avid forum reader, couldn’t help myself :slight_smile:

This is my first, but feedback on VOC sounds like a genuine quality issue, likely a one off for now but still not nice from the customers point of view. I take onboard what you say.

Will review the product once removed and returned to me.

Tyanks again - I look forward to the your next forum adventures, keep up the good work by the way, always see you taking time to try and help everyone :muscle:


There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if the customer did not message you directly then it isn’t certain that they want a reply. Some customers just simply want to say things as they are. Amazon is very particular about the limited reasons a seller should contact a customer so as @The_Little_Shop says, probably best just to take it on board and make any changes you feel might be necessary from your end, without involving the customer. We have all had these things; it’s part and parcel of selling here :slight_smile:


It’s also a return reason to get a free return rather than having to pay for a change of mind


Great way to put it to be fair, spot on I guess, if they want a different resolution, they would be in touch or complete feedback on listing etc. Well said and thanks for the reply.


Yea I read this alot on the forums, part of the package deal with Amazon FBA so Im ok with that. Proof will be in the pudding as they say - Will await my removed unit. Thank you again guys.


I must say this thread has been a delightful to read, made my day. Thank you for all your posts!

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