Valid Tracking Rate and Royal Mail Click and Drop


Hi All,

I use Royal Mail Click and Drop to process my shipping.

As some of you may already be aware once the orders in Click and Drop have been manifested they provide you with a tracking number for each parcel.

I have received an e-mail from Amazon as my current VTR % is at 0 %, however I have uploaded the click and drop tracking numbers to a few of these orders but none of them seem to be accepted by Amazon. (I have waited for the 72 hours hours to pass that Amazon advise it may take for the tracking numbers to be accepted)

I have chosen Royal Mail as the carrier, Royal Mail 48 as the delivery service (which I have double checked and is the exact service I am using to ship the books via click and drop) and then entered the click and drop tracking number in the Tracking ID field.

I am concerned that my account is going to be suspended even though I am now providing tracking numbers as requested by Amazon.

Has anyone else been in this position and found a solution to the problem?

Thanks in advance.


you can’t change tracking numbers after they have been delivered
if you are using click and drop just let them add them to the orders automatically by ticking ‘mark as despatched on channel’


I haven’t changed them before they were delivered.

For example I received an Amazon order yesterday, I added it to Click and Drop as an open order yesterday, picked and packed it today, manifested it on click and drop this afternoon, then manually marked it as shipped on Amazon and included the tracking number this afternoon.

I hope that makes sense.


how long have you been doing that for ?
the orders you can see on your VTR download will have been sent 6 weeks ago - check the promised delivery dates

why are you manually updating on amazon - just tick the ‘mark as despatched on channel’ box on C&D and it will upload them all for you

just to note if you copy and paste them they will be invalid as amazon don’t recognise the spaces

from the VTR help page

Note: Seller should not copy/paste the tracking ID from the carrier’s website because it brings in zero-width-space characters. Instead, seller should manually enter the tracking ID while confirming dispatch.


Just the last few days since I received an e-mail from Amazon that pointed out my VTR was on 0%.

I didn’t realise there was such a delay in the reporting, so it will take another 6 weeks for me to find out if Amazon are receiving the tracking numbers I have entered correctly? Which I’ve copied and pasted so presumably they won’t have been received.

I started doing it manually a while ago as there was some kind of glitch with the inventory management system I use which meant when I was marking orders as dispatched on there the information wasn’t getting pulled through to Amazon which lead to my late dispatch rate going up considerably.

Thanks for letting me know about the copying and pasting, that’s going to make entering them very time consuming AND leaves a lot of scope for typos!

The problem I have is that I sell books that obviously all have different shapes, weights etc so I can process them without weighing them first. I currently only get them out of storage twice a week (Monday’s and Thursdays) to make this work I’m going to have to change that to Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Fridays).


Also when you tick the ‘mark as despatched on channel’ box does that send the information to Amazon at the point that the order is manifested? Will that interfere with my current inventory management system which is linked to my account?



you can either set it so that it marks them as despatched when you manifest or, when you print the postage labels

I don’t see how it would affect your inventory management system as presumably that updates when you get a sale - not dispatch it ?!

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