Valid Tracking Rate (VTR)


I ship many of my small items via Royal Mail First Class / Second Class Postage stamps and have 100% Account health. Today i suddenly received a ‘violation’ notice to say that my VTR is below 95% there is no tracking available for postage stamps? What to do?


if you are sending using actual stamps you need to be marking them as despatched via Stamps/franking on the drop down


O wow. I had no idea! Is that all I need to do? Thank you soo much for your quick response. Seller Central looks very complex, finding things difficult to navigate. Your help has been much appreciated. Thanks again.


yes thats all
you just select stamps/franking and leave the tracking box empty


Hello! I have the same problem. Will it work as well if I select “Royal Mail 1st Class Stamp/Franking” instead only “Stamp/Franking”?



stamps/franking should be ok

unless you are selecting that but using c&d etc and that is overwriting your shipping info…