Valid Tracking Rate



Could you please help. My VTR need to be at 95% (it is no where near that), Amazon called me on Sunday to discuss this and insist all my orders need a valid tracking, even low value items I asked, yes every single order. My question is what service do you use for low value items? At the moment I send my orders large letter 2nd class.

Thank you


If you’re sending all your items as standard 2nd class shouldn’t your VTR not be at N/A? I send all my items via 1st Class large letter Royal Mail and have my VTR as N/A. If you send the odd occasional one tracked then you need to make sure it’s likely to get scanned more than once (signed for doesn’t always do more than once so that doesn’t always count as valid tracking according to Amazon’s system).


Quite concerned to hear that as others have low vtr and its not actually enforced yet

Do you have a designated account manager ?
Did they ask you any personal questions ? Are you sure it was amazon ?


It is about time they start to take action over this, it really has been a joke, create a new policy, set a deadline date, make everybody jump through hoops and then not enforce it!

We need to start seeing VTR POA topics… Or what was the piont?



Yes I am pretty sure it was Amazon, I do have a call with my designated account manager tomorrow, so I will take it up with her tomorrow. It was a bit random that they called so early. I will report back after my meeting.

Thank you


definitely ask tomorrow as no one has reported having any contact emails let alone a phone call to do with VTR
the policy does clearly state that there is no penalty at this time

@Jessica - maybe you can confirm if the performance team are actively making these phone calls



Can I check when you are sending your items 1st class large letter do you buy your postage through Amazon? Or do you just pop a stamp on? Also which option do you choose when you are confirming dispatch?
Many thanks


Also, what it your vtr %


It’s on 0%, which seems to suggest none of my orders have tracking but I also send framed prints which do have tracking, so I can’t work out how they arrive at 0%


Which courier and how are you buying postage ?



For my frames I use the Royal Mail recorded delivery 2nd class signed for, which I buy at the post office, they process them for me (I use a Drop and Go service). For my prints I purchase the postage through Amazon 2nd class large letter, pop the label on the letter and I just hand them over the the post office. As my prints are quite low in value if one does go missing, I am happy just to send a replacement.


buying standard postage directly off amazon is widely reported unfortunately as invalid for VTR - ironically


It really doesn’t make sense, in effect I am being penalised for using postage option that Amazon suggest I use.


lots of other sellers in the same boat
many have come away from it, purchased elsewhere and just manually update the orders showing despatched by Royal Mail


I wouldn’t bother pushing yourself to use a tracked service. All of my items are sent tracked but if Royal Mail don’t scan the package, then it’s invalid. I sell so little on here these days that today I have received my first warning that listings will be removed if I don’t provide valid tracking. Not sure what they expect us to do to force postie’s to scan things. Complaining to Royal Mail is fruitless, hundreds of us have been complaining for months due to the new Amazon policy.
Amazon are going to have no sellers left at the rate they are going. They will have banned them all
Don’t even know why they bothered setting up the Handmade section. It was marketed as the new Etsy, except it is still Amazon and they still treat their sellers like dirt.


How did you receive it ? Email or phone call ?
If email, can you share what they said please


Email. I can’t share exactly what they said (they like to remove posts that share emails). Basically, your VTR is under 95%. If you don’t get it over 95% your listings may be removed. Apparently they check tracking numbers before taking action and if I think I have received the email in error I’ve to visit the FAQ page, which offers no help whatsoever of course.
They have you between a rock and a hard place. Don’t upload any tracking and log it as N/A and VTR is taken care of, but then if a customer claims item not received and you haven’t uploaded tracking at the time of dispatch it doesn’t count.
I really have had enough. It’s not even like you can find my items on Amazon anymore. They don’t appear in normal search results these days, they changed the search algorithm. They are quite happy to show a load of irrelevant stuff in the searches though.


What is your vtr % ?


It is 85%. I only have 14 sales in the last three months but because just two of those apparently don’t have tracking, my percentage falls short.


We’ve had the same email. We’re at 85%. It did a big drop the other day. We send all RM 48 through business C&D. All 2d barcoded and RM 48 signed for auto uploaded when marked despatched. Nice try Amazon to try and push us onto Buy Shipping to use the exact same shipping method yet somehow they are classed as ok! We are doing what we can to the letter but if RM posties can’t be bothered to scan the packages then that’s not our issue, Amazon need to take it up with RM as there are a lot more in the same boat as us. I wouldn’t mind but on their VTR page on Account Health, it implies they’re not cracking heads over VTR and it won’t affect us. We sell on both normal Amazon and Handmade.