Valid Tracking Rate


Just had another email as my valid tracking rate has dipped below 95%. Bit puzzled as all my items are posted under 1st class stamps via the post office and they do not come with tracking details. What do I do?


I’m the same so worried!


Just got the same email, all mine are large letters, not viable to add on tracking.



more amazon hassle and fear emails


I raised it with Amazon and their reply was that there is a technical issue that engineers are working on, so not to worry as they know the Royal Mail will not provide tracking numbers on this method of posting. So I guess we don’t worry for now!


nice of them to just let people worry (as usual) , sending out fear inducing emails as per usual before bed time, why cant they just send an email out saying theres a problem .



Yep, we’re here again with VTR issues.
Went from N/A to 85% overnight. Report is blank, yet page says “Number of non-exempted shipments: 8”. All sent 2nd class stamps and marked correctly.


there is already a thread going on this subject