Valid Tracking Rate


Hello there.

All orders are shipped out via Royal Mail First Class letters or Large letters. I marked all my all orders via Royal Mail - Royal Mail 1st Class. However, it shows 0% instead of N/A.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Several threads on here re this
See their announcement re 1st class requiring a barcode number


Due to the holiday, I have missed it. Thank you!! :slight_smile:


Is Royal Mail Click & Drop working for you? I’ve integrated my Amazon account with Click & Drop, but my VTR metric has dropped to 0% all of a sudden (previously N/A). I thought Click & Drop would automatically provide Amazon with tracking numbers (I use 2nd class delivery and apparently we should be using the 2D barcode), but this doesn’t seem to be happening. Would appreciate any help!


Yes it is - but only because I use code CRL for RM48 - what code are you using ? If BPL etc, they are invalid for all but parcels