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Amazon recently sent an email about verifying all VAT numbers through VIES.
I realized that my Spain number is not VIES-ready, and followed their instructions, filling in form 036. Then, I click “VALIDAR” at the bottom of the online form 036 and I get a PDF document.

At this point I don’t know whether the document is electronically submitted or if I need to print and send it by post? If yes, to what address?
I’ve tried to mail Avalara and all the categories under VAT and Tax tab of their Seller “support”, and they all refuse to answer.

Anyone has an idea?



Did you manage to have some progress with this?

We’re in the same position like you.

I don’t personally think that the printed form will work -I asked a colleague of mine who speaks Spanish to call the Spanish Tax Agency. We asked them if it is possible to fill in form 036, print it and send it to them physically. The lady we spoke to said the only acceptable way to do it is electronically.

At the same time it seems that in order to electronically sign the form, you need to have a Spanish electronic signature, or at least one which is sort of verified with them. We were not able to fill in and submit the form with our electronic signature, so we are lost. We don’t know how to proceed. How did you manage to electronically sign the form? We did not get to the point of generating a pdf, as without the signature, when we press on “validar” we get an error.

Aavalara is saying “for further assistance, contact Amazon”, while Amazon is saying “contact Amazon”.

Let us know how far did you go with the progress!


I got no where. Avalara told me to open a case with Amazon. I have done this but they have not replied.

I have normally stuck up for Avalara but on this they have been disappointing.

I have printed the PDF and posted it to them. I am not sure if it is the correct address. It appeared on another post.

Avalara did say that the Spanish and Amazon are very behind on implementing this.

I am toying with writing to the MD but I have written to them quite a lot recently.



Great to get replies!

No progress on my side. I have tried to contact both AVALARA and Amazon through their various Tax and VAT seller support options: AVALARA said that it does not concern them so I should ask Amazon, and Amazon told me that all tax related questions must be directed to AVALARA…

I was not expecting anything from either since their service is always terrible or absent, but this is frustrating.

I was not able to find any physical address to where we should send the PDF, so I assume that as long as you have the PDF it means that the info has been submitted electronically. The process is supposed to take 1 to 2 months though…

About generating the PDF and signing the form, if you get an error it might be because you did not check the box on page 5. The form is really not user-friendly so it’s not intuitive, but once you have checked box 130, you can select page 5 via tabs towards the top of the page, then check box 582 and you’ll be able to validate the form.


To what address did you pos the form?


Hey @Great_Japanese_Guy1,

thank you for the reply!

We have checked all requested boxes, but I assume we got the error as the Agencia Tributaria website does not detect our electronic signature. Basically we cannot sign the document electronically.

It appears that our Bulgarian electronic signature does not work for Spain… And without electronically signing the document, we cannot submit it… That is why I was wondering how you managed to submit it and whether your electronic signature was easily accepted by the website.

We have tried to fill in the form via this link here:

We fill in/check every box that is required, but we do not know what to fill in at the bottom of the page, where it says “* Firmado: D/D.ª.:”.

I believe this is for the electronic signature.

We also tried filling in the form using this link here:

We choose the electronic signature type of identification, but the website does not recognize our signature :frowning: So we do not know how to proceed.


I got this reply to my case today.

Dear Seller,

Please be informed that we have submitted all the required documents to the tax authorities for VIES activation.

Processing this request will take about 1 month.

If you have any further queries, please raise a new case on Seller Central.

This ties up with what I was told by the helpful chap at Avalara. He said that Amazon had a big list of all the affected accounts that Avalara had supplied and Amazon would be working on it.


I received the same reply from Amazon: “we have submitted all the required documents to the tax authorities for VIES activation.”
Apparently the realized that it was part of their contract to do things right…

@ Alteya_Organics_Euro
Yes the website had no issues with my signature. I’m sorry I can’t help you on this.
You should try to ask Amazon about this, apparently they have begun to be willing to help.

Let us know how it works for you.



Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:
It sounds positive that Amazon is working on sorting this mess out.

We have opened a case with them- we will see what happens.

One final question- is your signature a Spanish one/issued by the Spanish authorities?



Same as you.
Filled out the form got pdf

What next - did it submit, is the pdf my copy, Am I supposed to do something with the pdf.

Tries to check for any help - all in Spanish except some titles - We know a native Italian speaker who has lived in Spain (the languages are quite close) and he could not make sense of it.

It all seems so far on PanE that if any country is going to make things difficult it will be Spain.