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My question relates to EU VAT deregistration. I have decided to deregister from VAT in Germany, France, Italy, Poland and the Czech republic as we have not been able to trade in any of those countries.

After contacting Amazon, I have now received the required forms, but the Italian deregistration process requires a proof of ID. The requirements state that it has to be a passport or ID that is valid for at least 6 months (but no driving license)

The issue is that my passport expires in about a month’s time. It’s going to take time to renew my passport so in the meantime, if I don’t deregister in time, Amazon/ Avalara will charge me EUR 2000 + VAT to renew the subscription. My deadline is the 26th of This month.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get around this? No response from Avalara yet. I called the Italian tax office, the first time they hung up and the second time they said No English and hung up.



Either renew your passport in person, which will take a day of your time, or pay for an expedited passport renewal.

Either will be a darn site cheaper than paying Avalara for another year.


Can you please help provide the information and forms amazon gave you to deregister? I also contacted EU seller support about this and they said to contact Avask about it. But Avask wants to charge 100Euro per country to deregister.


We want to deregister for VAT from DE/FR if anyone has managed to do this themselves? I’ve already paid Avalara enough to do next to nothing this last year, so I don’t want to pay them more if it’s just some form filling!


It would be great if you could attach those deregistration forms to your post.


They put me in touch with Avalara. It will cost you EUR 150 per country + EUR 150 per additional VAT return. I however managed to deregister from Italy by contacting the tax authority directly by email. It took them a month to reply but afterwards the replies were fast, and within 10 minutes of submitting my application the job was done. You can also get Czech republic VAT deregistered by yourself by contacting the tax authority directly.

There is no direct contact for France, Poland won’t even entertain your request if you don’t speak Polish (yes, this is a condition as the forms and comms are in Polish, and I think Germany won’t entertain direct requests either). I hope this helps.


I deregistered for FR myself by sending email to this address: >

In first reply, they sent me a Form to fill ( and send it back as scanned via email. They confirmed via email that the Deregistration has been successful.

For Italy, we posted a Deregistration form to Italy Tax Authority.

For CZ, I contacted via email (>) but got a reply that I need to file for Deregistation via the Tax agent so paid 150 Euro to Avalara and they did it for me.

For DE, I am submitting null returns every quarter on as I intend to keep DE VAT in case I want to do business in EU via DE.

Thankfully I did not VAT register myself for Spain and Poland.


Hi Can anyone advise how to contact the Polish and Czech tax offices re deregistration?

From case raised on Amazon
Tax office information is publicly available and you can look for their contact details in the internet. You will find links to the Tax Authorities official websites (United kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) in the following VAT resources page on Seller Central: The links are at the bottom of the page.

The German tax off office has advised that I can deregister directly with them. In my expereince they are quick efficient and helpful.

Spain - Arghhhhhhhhhh!!! Cant see a way of avoiding using an agent. Very different from dealing with Germany. Response time - substitute German days for Spanish months - if you are lucky.

France can be contacted directly (see link above)

Czech - I am trying to figure out how to contact - please advise if you know a way
Poland as Czech


Did anyone manage to find a way to deregister for Poland and Czech Republic without having to go through Avalara? Thanks


I’ve just searched for this to tag you lol


Thanks very much! That’s really kind :smile:


Update -

I have managed to find contact information for Czech Republic and Poland and am hoping to de-register without Avalara for these countries.

I managed to submit a form to Czech Republic, but shortly afterwards received an email from Avalara saying this:

“The Czech Tax authorities contacted us and let us know you want to de-register from this country and because we hold the Power of attorney in this country they didn’t process your request.”

Has Avalara blocked my request to de-register because they have power of attorney and want to charge me? If so that is very bad!


Is it not just worth paying the £300 ?!


I’m a small company and £300 seems a fair amount to me


Cheaper than prolonging the agony of avalara filing unnecessary vat returns for you though if you are not getting the sales


I have already unsubscribed from Avalara’s VAT services!


So how are you going to file your next vat returns ?


I will hopefully have deregistered by then!


When are they due and which countries ?


France Poland and Czech Republic all require monthly submission - I am assuming there is a submission window, so I am hoping that my de-registration is accepted before the submission window ends. If not - I have not made sales in any of the three countries so I can submit nil returns to these three (I have copies of past nil returns forms that Avalara submitted on my behalf, so can submit those.

Do you think I’m taking too much of a risk?