VAT Deregistration


It’s too late if you’ve already broken your link with avalara

Did you discuss power of attorney with them ?


Any form of deregistration will require a final VAT filing. Are you capable of doing that for those countries?


No I didn’t discuss power of attorney - what should I ask them?


I have copies of the nil-returns Avalara submitted on my behalf in the past. Presumably I will be able to use those forms and change the date?


Do you still have stock in eu ?


Sure, do you know how and where to upload them or send them? Do you have the required accounts setup with the authorities to do that?


No I don’t - I never actually managed to sell into EU because there were difficulties with CE marking etc.


I don’t know how and where to send them and don’t have required accounts set up with the authorities. I should be able to find out online?


If they are monthly submissions, when exactly are they due next ?


I expect so, how is your Polish and Czech?

What I think I am saying is that while it may cost £300 it seems you are way out of your depth and could well end up accruing more in late filing fees than you will save in accountancy.


The returns Avalara submitted last month were on 10/03 and 15/03 so assuming 10/04 and 15/04?


Yes I get your point - maybe you are right.

I would be reliant on google translate


But did they file them early or on the last day ? What’s the submission window


Just to give you some perspective, fines for late filing in:

Poland range from approximately £40-£7,600.
Czech up to £10,000


You’re right I need to know that


Wow that’s a lot!

Scary - I have terminated my contract with Avalara now so think I will be having to file myself?


But avalara still hold power of attorney?!


I believe that I’ve unsubscribed from the service but Avalara’s service is still active until the end of the current period


You need to check your documents to see exactly when their service ends, which returns they will file in the meantime, and what happens with the power of attorney

Surely though, if you are in the cancellation period ie still ‘with them’ for 30 days or so, they can still process the deregistration for you ?


And from doing some research - the deadline for submitting returns is 25 of the month so 25/04 will be the cut-off for late submissions