Vat free invoice for a business customer


I received an email from Amazon
" According to our records, you have received 1 order(s) from Amazon Business customers in December 2019 for which you have not yet uploaded an invoice.* The [Amazon Business invoicing policy] requires you to provide a compliant VAT invoice (or a receipt, if you are not legally obliged to issue a VAT invoice) within one business day after shipment confirmation for orders placed by Amazon Business customers"

How do I actually upload it? From where?
This is my only Business Customer, I am not VAT registered. Please help me how to deal with it.


In the exact same boat, absolutely no idea how to do this.


Use something like, in the note box put something like “No VAT is payable on this transaction.”, then download it as a PDF. In the order screen on Seller Central click the “Upload invoice” button.



Me too not a clue won’t allow me to as I’m not vat registered


You can’t sign up to automated VAT invoices if you’re not VAT registered. You’d have to create a non-VAT invoice/receipt yourself and upload them to the business customer orders (not all customers).


Thank you for reply. How do I create it? Is there any step by step tutorial or something like this?


So we all need to share our ideas and solutions to help each other :slight_smile:


Have tried wont allow me to do anything


Only just discovered this forum thing. Marvellous. Lovely little community. Cheers guys! Yeah I’ve had a go at making an invoice and it seems to have done something, it saved to desktop and I uploaded the invoice and it now says ‘payment complete’ so I think it’s all okay. Who knows, but this has been really helpful.


See my first post on this thread :slight_smile:


So you’ve created an invoice and saved it as a PDF then tried uploading it?



Great, yeah this a very helpful forum. These guys are super here. What did you create if you are not VAT registered? Is there anything else in the invoice? I dont get it…


Just do it like a normal invoice, but don’t mention VAT in the main part of it (e.g. don’t put VAT 0%). In the notes section you can say no VAT has been charged on the transaction.


I’m giving up have been trying for two hours mailed seller support nothing constructive from them
No one can tell me what to put for invoice number and when you go into browse the file is empty

  1. Go to
  2. Change it to the correct currency
  3. Enter your details and the buyer’s details
  4. Put the Amazon order ID in the invoice number field.
  5. Enter the order details and any shipping charges
  6. Remove the taxes line
  7. In notes enter something like “No VAT is due on this transaction”
  8. Download it as a PDF and save it somewhere.
  9. Upload it to Amazon by click the browse button and find the PDF file you downloaded
  10. In document number just use the Amazon order number
  11. Click upload - Done!


Yeah like BarryM said you visit, add the customers name (business customer) and leave as is pretty much but in the notes put no VAT needed and upload, attach that in the upload invoice and away you go.


Just put the invoice as number 1.


You are my hero!!! Thank you so much :smiley:


One last thing, please. What shall I put i these fields?date


Date: order date
Due date: might be able to leave it blank? If not use the order date or shipping date, unless it’s on Amazon invoice terms which means you’ll have to look up the due date from seller central.
I think you can leave payment terms blank.