Vat free invoice for a business customer


Just do it like a normal invoice, but don’t mention VAT in the main part of it (e.g. don’t put VAT 0%). In the notes section you can say no VAT has been charged on the transaction.


I’m giving up have been trying for two hours mailed seller support nothing constructive from them
No one can tell me what to put for invoice number and when you go into browse the file is empty

  1. Go to
  2. Change it to the correct currency
  3. Enter your details and the buyer’s details
  4. Put the Amazon order ID in the invoice number field.
  5. Enter the order details and any shipping charges
  6. Remove the taxes line
  7. In notes enter something like “No VAT is due on this transaction”
  8. Download it as a PDF and save it somewhere.
  9. Upload it to Amazon by click the browse button and find the PDF file you downloaded
  10. In document number just use the Amazon order number
  11. Click upload - Done!


Yeah like BarryM said you visit, add the customers name (business customer) and leave as is pretty much but in the notes put no VAT needed and upload, attach that in the upload invoice and away you go.


Just put the invoice as number 1.


You are my hero!!! Thank you so much :smiley:


One last thing, please. What shall I put i these fields?date


Date: order date
Due date: might be able to leave it blank? If not use the order date or shipping date, unless it’s on Amazon invoice terms which means you’ll have to look up the due date from seller central.
I think you can leave payment terms blank.


Thanks Barry for all your help
I have managed to do the invoice and downloaded it
But now I can’t find it if I put in send invoice and go into browse there’s nothing there
I do have to say I’m not the most brightest on these sort of things
But thank you for all your help


I also managed to do it. I am so happy I asked for help here, you guys are the best!


As there’s only a delivery name and address is it prudent to assume they are the billing party?


I have the same issue today, how did you find out who the business customer is ?


Go to Manage Orders and check Business Customer



Just go to Invoice generator and on the the right you’ll find My invoices and you will have it there.


Thanks. I already found this filter for MFN orders but I do FBA and this filter is not available. Looking through the reports it’s not obvious who the business customers are.


I date each invoice at the date on which I create the invoice. Under payment I just put “paid via Amazon”.


Hi yes it’s there but how do I send it
There’s nothing in the browse section when I try and find it


Try to download it first, this is how I did it and then you’ll have it in downloads folder.


As stated, once you have made an invoice online you need to download it to your computer. Give it a number so when you “browse” you input the invoice number for your computer to locate- then upload. Make sure you save it as a pdf file.


You are not allowed to indicate the payment terms on invoices you generate for Amazon orders.