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VAT Services on Amazon is a solution that allows you to manage your EU and UK VAT registration and filing process through a third-party tax services provider in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic.

If you are new to VAT Services on Amazon, sign up to select your preferred tax service provider before starting the VAT registration process. If you are registered and want to change your tax service provider, go to VAT Services on Amazon and select the Click here option under Your tax partner section.

To learn more about VAT Services on Amazon and how it can help you expand your business, go to VAT Services on Amazon.


Still chasing a refund for a fine from the German tax authorities for a tax return you said you filed and it turns out you did not.

Also German tax authorities are telling me you did not submit my 2021 return, despite paying you for this.

I think I’ve spent over 20 hours now chasing up things you billed for and did not do.

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