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Hi guys, new here just have this question! Do you know if I’m not vat registered in the uk can I start selling EFN?! Do I have to register in the uk first?!


I’m not fully certain but I don’t think you need to be UK vat registered but you will need to register for vat in the other countries that you wish to sell in in Europe.


I thought doing EFN you don’t have to as you are not storing goods in those countries!


You may be right, I’m still learning all this myself.


UK resident,stock in UK FBA,no need to register until threshold reached in any country you sell to via EFN


Interesting, so you don’t need to worry about vat at all when selling in Germany for instance until you reach the German threshold?


Thx for your helpful answer! I just started and it’s so confusing about this vat thing all over the internet.
I do not sell more then 70k at the moment so no need to register in the uk for now. Although I guess once your turnover including EFN sells will rich the 70k then you will have to get a UK VAT no!


The 70k limit is for sales from other EU countries into the UK.

If you’re a UK resident only storing goods in the UK you’ll need to register for VAT when your sales exceed:

  • £85k in a rolling 12 month period (UK VAT)
  • The distance sales amount for any country you’re selling to (that particular country’s VAT). Each EU country has its own limit; some are very low and some are very high.


Yes your are def right! Thx BarryM

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