VAT Registration Timeline


Whilst French VAT registration is looming over us I thought I would ask the question about the life of VAT registration.

Like many sellers a few years ago I ticked pan-euro FBA thinking that stock would be stored in the UK and then shipped to the various countries. Before anyone chimes in with the ‘you are responsible for knowing this’ or ‘why didn’t you check’ well I didn’t. As a consequence some of our stock was stored in the euro countries. I think we sold a grand total of 80 euros across all countries via pan-euro in a year :smile:

It’s a waste of time registering for VAT in any of these countries. We have since stopped all pan-euro. So my question is when can you re-sell via your dashboard to these countries from the UK? Is it a year of no products in warehouses outside the UK or 5 years or 7 years? All provided you stay below the threshold for VAT in said country.

It’s not the end of the world for us but it would be useful to know.



I would guess at never, unless you sort out the VAT registration issue. You have a legal obligation to resolve that issue. In a lot of EU markets Amazon is now jointly liable for VAT so they’re unlikely to allow you to sell in those marketplaces unless your VAT affairs are in order.


If that is the case then we will never sell there again via Amazon.

Thanks for the swift reply BarryM


To add, there is no fiscal requirement for VAT in any of these countries as our turnover does not come anywhere close. It’s just Amazon’s system and interpretation. It’s their site and they police this the way they see fit.



There was a requirement to register for VAT when you were storing stock there, because the registration threshold is zero in such circumstances. This means your VAT affairs in those countries are not in order.

The current situation may mean you are no longer required to be registered, so you would register for VAT, file the relevant returns and pay the VAT required, then apply to deregister.