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Hi guys,

We are VAT registered since August 2021, so quiet new to this.

We have a good accountant, a well recommended accountant, but not specializing in ecommerce. Our understanding is that this isn’t an issue at all, as long as the account is good and we provide them with all the correct documents.

And that’s where the problem is, we don’t know which report we should provide and is it just one or few of them.

We have read the following threads twice already and copy pasted the most on point replies into a word file, and we are still a bit confused.

We are “decent” with numbers in general, but VAT and Amazon accounting is still an area where we lack understanding, and we know that once we finally get to the bottom of it we will be experts in this field like some of You kind people on here.

We have an excel which tells us exactly how much VAT we paid (to be claimed back), incomes from eBay stores and websites, is just the VAT amount collected/due to HMRC from Amazon sales is a mystery :wink:

The net income amount from the Date Range Report doesn’t match the Tax/VAT collected amount in the bottom right corner.

Gross amounts from Sales Dashboard doesn’t match with the figures from the Amazon VAT Transactions Report, and deducted vat and net amounts don’t match the figures in the Date Range Report – head’s spinning.

We are happy to take few screenshots and show exactly what we mean, but doubt this is necessary as we are pretty sure few of you holds the “secret” to our confusion without going into too much detail.

Which reports exactly do we produce to our accountant for quarterly VAT returns please?

As always, your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.

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