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For those that have recently used the services of Avalara for VAT in EU countries other than the UK, are you able to share your experience please. Looking at past posts there wasn’t much positives but those posts were about a year ago.



I have not had any issues with them.


Hi, just to let you know .
I have received AVALARA letter 7 months old from HMRC o pay taxes
7 months old… Jesus
I am glad i have get rid of them
Stay away even if they will offer to payt money to be your accountant ! ! !


Thanks for your feedback. Fortunately I haven’t taken things forward as yet.


Help Help please…

How do I get out from VAT Services on Amazon with Avalara?

When there’s complication, Avalara doesn’t reply emails. Writing to Amazon seller support (pushing for Avalara’s response) is like hitting reinforced wall - Amazon distant itself from any issue with regards to the tax agent.

I’d just signed up VAT Services on Amazon for Germany. Document processing by Avalara isn’t completed. I want out, seller support isn’t making things easy for seller because for many days, there has been no clear instruction how to unsubscribe the Avalara service… I regret taking a cheap/subsidized Avalara service.

Other tax agents (Avask, Vatglobal, J&P) are sending us quotation. I should be able to finalize the service contract with one of the tax agents within 10 business days.

I wish there’s a good samaritan here who can lead me out of the doldrums :angel:


Have you tried contacting Avalara by phone using their website, instead of opening a case with the Seller Support on Amazon? As I think this way they would be able to assist you better.


I wrote 3 emails to Avalara informing them my intention to cancel/unsubscribe the service, as usual, no response. Haven’t called them yet.

Somewhere within Amazon, there’s a line saying Amazon deducts EUR400 from our account when we signed up the service, so I need Amazon to un-plug the subscription… :point_right: the guideline to unsubscribe VAT services

Unsubscribe from VAT Services on Amazon
Contact Seller Support, and your request will be routed to the VAT Services on Amazon team who will provide the next steps.


Fyi, the VAT account application process isn’t completed… so I don’t quite understand how notification to Avalara by 27th of the month applies here

When VAT account application ain’t completed, there ain’t any VAT account to do filing with


Good news is, VAT Front Office finally replied
“…no more action need to be done, I’ll mark your account as you have find your own tax adviser…”

Seeking confirmation if EUR400 has been deducted from our account, and how to remove the working page listed with docs submission

Yup, closer to getting things wrap up and start a new page with other tax agent


I am with Avalara 1 year now and all looks OK. Every month they prepare return and I pay to corresponding countries using Transferwise or bank account.
But I have question how they charge after free period? Is it one payment 2400 or some kind of monthly payments? I asked Amazon and Avalara and no straight answer.


Did you end up getting your money back? I haven’t even got through verification yet (it’s been 3 weeks and they keep rejecting my docs because the address isn’t there apparently…) and i’m already sick of them. Got a call from someone from Amazon offering 3 other options, so I’m going to go with one of them. Would like to cancel my application to Avalara if possible! Was it easy enough after you contacted Seller Support?


I get my PL VAT number from Avalara in January 2019 and stored it at Seller Central. Unfortunately PL Tax authorities decision was dated December 2018.Avalara submitt my PL VAT declarations from January 2019 and it works fine.

Recently I started receive letters from PL Tax authorities regarding VAT Declaration for December 2018. I paid already first penallty 100 eur but case is not closed.

Avalara answered that they can not submit PL VAT declaration for Dec 2018. So it is my problem that PL VAT registered in Dec, but Avalara submitt VAT declarations only from Jan 2019.


I didn’t use Pan EU when first offered 3 years ago as Avalara was the only option. There were a lot of horror stories about late filings and huge fines.

End of 2017 we hit the VAT threshold for Germany so it was either go Pan EU or stop selling to Germany. I went to a Pan EU conference at Amazon HQ and this time they had more than one firm on offer, so I did some research on them.

I’ve been using Avask for 12 months and the service has been flawless so far. Everything has been filed and paid on time. I’m so glad I didn’t use Avalara.


I asked seller support couple of times about the EUR400, they keep telling me the fund won’t be deducted from my account.

Seller support told me to pause all document submission (one document’s signature isn’t accepted, and Avalara wanted us to re-submit).

Avalara on the other hand, keeps telling me they want an official confirmation from Amazon about the service cancellation. I’m supposed to tell seller support to send this message to Avalara. And, Amazon supposed to copy me in the message, because Avalara wanted me to provide this message copy to Avalara.

I did everything as told by Avalara, including sending a copy of Avalara email to seller support. All that I get is a reply from seller support to confirm my VAT service cancellation. I sent this to Avalara, and the reply is - Amazon still need to send Avalara the service cancellation message.

I gave up. Wasting too much time (weeks) acting as a postman.

So far, I don’t see EUR400 is deducted from the account, so all are good:star_struck:


Yup, we are applying DE VAT through Avask now


I am experiencing the same issues with the Polish tax authorities. I received my Polish vat number in February, instead of October like all the other counties. I presumed Avalara would back date the Vat as they did for Italy and Germany. I have now received a court summons from the Polish tax authorities or pay a £400 fine to keep it out of court.
How did you resolve this? I need to send back dated Vat returns for November-January but do not have a clue how to do so.
Any help would be appreciated


Hi. I personally went to Warsaw and submitted the VAT 7 declaration for December 2018 (zero declaration) in paper form. It was accepted and problem solved in 20 min. The problem is that people speak little English.
Another possibility is to ask Amazon VAT services. Now they have excel where you should fill your data manually and Amazon submit the missing VAT declaration.

The email from Amazon was following, but I received it only when problem was solved…

Dear seller,

Thank you for your email

In order to report any transactions in the period between when you applied for your VAT registration number and when you received your VAT registration number, you will be required to submit a "catch-up" return covering this period. The catch-up returns functionality is currently being developed and will be added to VAT Services on Amazon within Seller Central in the next few months . This will enable you to self-complete any backdated declarations of taxable transactions or other stock movements.

As of now we have taken an initiative to process catchup returns manually. In order to file your returns, you will need to provide us with period you need catch-ups and the additional data (non-amazon sales if any) and cost price for this period.

Please find the attached ‘AvaTemplate’ to share the non-amazon sales data and cost price template to provide cost prices for Amazon sales.


VAT Services on Amazon.


I can connect you to large but local accounting English-speaking firm in Poland (in Warsaw) which I can trust and I’m sure they will resolve it in the best possible way. If issue is still pending, send me message and I’ll take care of you.