VAT, Shipping costs and Link My Books


Does anyone know how to get LMB to report buy shipping costs properly? I’m setting it up today and at the moment it seems to show them all as 20% reverse charge which isn’t correct since i do pay the VAT on the Hermes labels.

Am i supposed to be importing them from the Tax Document Library instead?


I’ve been using LMB for a while now, but to be honest, the first time I used buy shipping, was only a couple of days ago. And I’ve not even thought about it. Will have to wait and see how they come through over the next couple of days.
But looking at the settings, I can’t see any way of actually doing it.
It might be worth contact their support, they are usually pretty good at sorting things like this out.
If you do, please let me know how you get on with it, as I will probably have to change something to. :slight_smile:


Have you spoke to the customer service team

we have always found them to be amazing


Yes i did speak to them and they did come back really quickly. The answer is that it isn’t possible to have it automated - the info they get from Amazon doesn’t allow them to identify the different types of shipping.


a2x somehow manages to show the Hermes shipping as a separate line item as Shipping label purchase (other-transaction) and I am able to claim back VAT element of it when passed on to QB.


Hi Demel,

I have no idea.

Hope you like my useless comment has you did to mine.

Thank you

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