Verification companies house registered address is different to trading address


Hi my registered address on companies house is my accountants address and is different to my trading address, do we need to change this as my bank account is showing my trading address, any ideas


you can have a different registered address and a different trading address.
it isnt unusual


For verification and Extract from Companies House was requested, I sent that, that’s appointment letter but the address on there is my accountants address which is registered address and my bank account, vat certificate etc have my trading address which is my home address is that ok


I thought the vat certificate normally had the registered office address on it? but might be quickest to put a call into the HMRC helpline - the phone lines are only open until 16:00 each day (and no longer available on weekends)

what address is on the corporation tax?


The Registered address, as I saw something on the forum saying they had to change the registered address on companies house to the trading address,


I just have to wait for verification to come back to me lets see what they say


Companies House address is always the registered office address.
(it is the address where ‘documents’ can be served - such as a reminder for filing or annual return)


thanks for your help I wil let you know when I get a reply


Do you keep a letter of introduction? - you know on letterhead that you give to new-suppliers.
which would detail your bankers, your registered address and your delivery address (trading address)


They haven’t asked this yet do we need this


No you dont need to - but we have always got a current updated one on file

  • so we include it with any marketplace’s KYC (know-your-customer) information requests


Yes, this is fine, we were verfied again last month and have the same as yourself, accountants address as registered address and another trading address, submitted documents, bank statements, copy from companies house and photo ID and there have been no issues. They verify every couple of years, so we have been trading on Amazon around 8 years, so have been verified 4 times


This is perfecttly normal and should not cause any problems


Companies House and VAT need to be registered address, so that of your accountant.

Trading address has to be the place where you actually trade from, so your home from what you have said.

Amazon should have no problem with you having the two - many many companies are in the same situation as you.


But my VAT certificate came in my trading address, will I need to change this to registered address


No need to change, ours is exactly the same as what you have stated, Amazon are aware that companies have one registered address and one trading address, just submit the documents they ask for to them and wait until they ask for anything else


Thanks all submitted


Thank got a email to say account is verified and active, but on home page it still says activate account, when I press this is says write a plan of action to get your account activated, what are you suppose to do as it was going through verification then