Verification for UK charity using APA for Amazon Alexa Skill



I’m not sure if this is a little niche but I am desperate seeking some advice on this. I work for quite a large charity and we have had an alexa skill developed to take donations. We need an Amazon pay account to take the payments through and I can’t get verified. Every time we think we are getting close they throw another thing at us. My account was completely deactivated for months with no movement until recently. The latest issue is that we have an external link on our website. This link is essential to our fundraising. Unfortunately we need to remove it before we can proceed. Even though our website is nothing to do with why we need to take payments. I haven’t come across any other organisation who has had such a tricky time with amazon pay. This has been going on for months and months with no end in sight. Does anyone have any advice? We have spent a lot of money on our skill and can’t use it.


unfortunately you will have to jump through every hoop they present you with


Have you tried twitter and ask direct questions

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