Verification Info for Overseas Sellers Using UK FBA


Hi to all Sellers!

My Amazon seller account was suspended a few days ago pending verification of my business and tax documents.

I am a sole trader based in Ireland and use UK FBA.

I am registered for VAT in the UK and have a UK VAT number.

I uploaded my UK VAT certificate for verification which has continually prompted the verifications team to ask for my UTR number.

Overseas sellers can be registered for and pay UK VAT without having a UTR number
but unfortunately, the verification process does not seem to allow for this.

I am registered as a sole trader in Ireland and have and Irish tax number. I pay my income taxes in Ireland.

I pay UK VAT to HMRC but I file my tax return in Ireland, so I have the Irish equivalent of a UTR number, known as a PPS number here.

I use “Vat Services on Amazon” to calculate and file my UK VAT returns. Avalara is my UK agent and their address is on my VAT certificate.

I think the solution to my verification problem now will be to try and have Irish tax documents verified instead of uploading my UK VAT cert.

If someone from the verifications team happens to read this please take note that overseas sellers registered for VAT in the UK are not issued a UTR number by default.

Fingers crossed I can my documents verified today and have my suspension lifted.


I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated over verification issues.

If you have any questions, I would advise you to e-mail or check this verification-related help page, which includes answers to all frequently asked questions regarding Seller Account verification:


Hi, did you have any look with this. I am also based in Ireland but don’t ever remember being asked for a UTR number. If Amazon keep asking it may be necessary to ask HMRC to send you a letter stating that you do not need a UTR

Uploading your Irish documents won’t work as you need a UK VAT number for FBA.


Hi Provoca,

I got my documents verified after a week of being suspended.

Initially I was using my UK VAT cert for verification but this was the wrong approach as it prompts Amazon to ask for a UK UTR number.

I am registered in Ireland with Revenue as a sole trader and pay income and related taxes here so I needed to verify my Irish documents and not anything to do with the UK.

I sent Amazon my last Irish tax return and a recent letter from Revenue and thankfully this solved the issue.

So my advice is if your business is registered in Ireland with Revenue, use Irish documents for verification.

My understanding is that you would only request a UTR number if you plan to file a tax return in the UK.

And just because you have a UK VAT number this does not necessarily mean your business is primarily registered in the UK. Amazon need to know for verification purposes in which country you are registered. In my case it’s Ireland.

Hope this helps!


Sorry I thought you meant you were going to try and give Amazon your Irish VAT number instead of your UK one to get through verification.


I’m not VAT registered in Ireland just the UK so I used my Irish PPS number to get verified.