Verification Issues


Hi! I seem to have been verified by the EU marketplace, But i still dont have a merchant ID/token. It’s not in the business information section as Amazon states in their help page. Does anyone know how to obtain/reveal/fix this?
I also am having problems with being confirmed in the US market, I am getting rejected on the basis that the bank information is not valid somehow, but it was confirmed by all the marketplaces in EU. Am i missing something?
Nothing sold on the account and i am talking to Amazon Seller support as i post this. I have been going back and forward with them and my bank, and I still have not been able to open it. I have a Swedish bank account if that changes anything and im connected too hyperwallet.


Your Merchant Token can be accessed using this link:

Regarding the issues with verification on the Amazon USA marketplace, they are now very strict when approving new sellers to sell on their site.

I would also advise you to ensure that all the documents which you provided were correct and exactly matching the information entered in your account details.

Also, one of the most common mistakes which sellers make is submitting screenshots. Photos of your actual documents in a paper form will work the best, according to my own experience.

So please make sure that everything what you submitted by now is 100% correct and as soon as you find any discrepancies, correct them or resubmit the particular documents to Amazon.