Verification think I am still selling on individual account?


Several weeks ago I got an request to update my selling account legal entity as they believed it was wrong. I updated to Sole Proprietor. They first asked letter of authorisation. They then requested UTR number which I provided. Within 24 hours I was confirmed to sell again. I did not started sell again as was about to go on vacation.

Today I return from vacation and I login to find that verification team are requesting to update my profile again. This is the email I got a few days ago:

Dear Seller,

We think you selected the incorrect legal entity when you registered for a Selling on Amazon payment account.

You are currently registered as an ‘Individual’ seller, but your selling activity fits the criteria for a business / UK sole proprietor. We have explained the different legal entities below.

To update your legal entity, follow the instructions below:
– Go to the “Account Info” page in the “Settings” section of Seller Central (
– Click “Edit” in the “Business and Contact Information” section and select the correct legal entity.
– Confirm the business details and click “Submit”.

Use the following information to select the correct legal entity:
– Individual: you must only choose this legal entity if you do not sell for profit. Individual sellers may list unwanted personal items, such as old DVDs or books.
– UK Sole Proprietor: this legal entity is for any commercial individual who sells for profit. A Sole Proprietorship is registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). There is no legal distinction between the owner and the business.
– Business or Partnership: this legal entity includes Sole Proprietors registered in countries outside the UK. It also includes Charities, Partnerships, Private Limited Companies, and Public Companies.

If you think your selling activity fits the ‘Individual’ legal entity, please reply to this email to confirm the source of your inventory over the last 12 months.

What happens if I do not send the requested information?
If we do not receive the requested information within 14 days, you will not be allowed to sell on Amazon’s European marketplaces.

We’re here to help
If you have questions about this policy or the information requested above, please contact us (

Thank you,

The Amazon Payments Team

For some reason they think I am still selling as an individual account still but I changed to Sole Proprietor week ago as mentioned above! Mistake surely?


Have you already corrected the legal entity entered in your account to reflect the changes?

Because the e-mail from Amazon says otherwise.

It would be good if you posted a screenshot of the current legal entity which you have selected to see, if you have it correct.


And when you check in Seller central what legal entity type is showing for you?
Have you been changed to “Sole Proprietor” or did the change not finalize and you are still showing as “Individual”?


This is whats shown under identity information. (Blacked out my name, address and email)

Under buisness and contact information it says my name and Sole Proprietor underneath.

When I click Update Now box:

It shows Sole Proprietor already selected.


But not verified
The first screenshot shows that “Additional Information is required…”

So the process is not yet complete and Amazon are correct.


But it was! Changed from individual to Sole Proprietor, entered UTR number and hit submit verification. After uploading UTR document, received an email 26th July that my information was verified and could start selling again. Account status was valid at that point and entity showing Sole Proprietor correctly.


Your screenshot seems to show that further ID is required [Identity Information]


Nothing needs to be uploaded. I just resubmitted for verification.


Just got the email that my information is verified. Hopefully their system has it set correctly this time.