[Voice of Customer] How to improve POOR ASIN


Hello everyone,

Just today i went to the TAB availabe under performance menu bar named as Voice of Customer.

There i saw one of my ASIN feedback as given as poor.

Comments by amazon were:

This offer may be closed soon due to negative customer experiences. Review your recent NCX feedback below and take action to improve this product or listing.

I am unable to find the customers who provided such feedback.

Any one who can help with this matter?

Kind Regards


You cant find the individual customer, they are anonymous feedback to Amazon support/when refund applied for.

The NCE (Experience should be E, not X !!!) is an overview of comments/service levels relating to the item to give an indication of how to improve the offering. Its not there to correct passed issues, but to prevent future ones


There should be some feedback within the dashboard.
Go to the specific ASIN.

I keep getting one in particular for not receiving the right item, it only takes one or two of these, but when Amazon are sending them out, what can you do??? :slight_smile:


Same here, and negatives for damaged items. We pay Amazon to package ours too but still its damaged


I can see comments by the customer. But i am unable to track those customers.

Exactly, amazon normally remove feedback of late delivery by amazon, but keep the effect on our feedback and account health and listing health.

It shouldn’t be like this


Recently, amazon was delivering completely wrong items and we paid customers for amazon’s mistake.

And in return amazon said that it is our fault.


Ok, so if you can see the comments, it should give you an idea of what the problem is.
No, you can’t track a specific order, but it should give you the information to work out what can be done about it.
It’s still relatively new the dashboard, so no doubt over time it will change.
Maybe they may actually improve it, stranger things have happened…


I am only worried about the warning by amazon which says that our offer can be removed if one more poor feedback lands on our listing.

This is what scares me


They may do, but it’s not that scary…
You will be given the option to amend the listing or relist.
I’ve had this happen a number of times now on the same product I mentioned above.
Each time, they are active again within a few minutes.


relist means we have to make a new offer, call back stock and send on new one, right?


no, simply relist the same item as is.


Isn’t ‘Voice of Customer’ based on customer reviews rather than seller feedback?

For BMVD sellers it’s almost completely pointless. In 99% of cases, we do not own the brand - that’s the publisher. We also have no direct control over Product Details.

It’s one of the most glaring examples of the lack of joined-up thinking on Amazon. It apparently stems from the push to treat everything as ‘product’ owned by sellers.


No, it’s not so much about reviews.
Whenever I have had an issue with it, it’s been about the feedback customer has given.
Not necessarily feedback to the seller.
I think a lot of it stems from the reason given on returns.


As in feedback on the seller ?

That would make no sense, as it would be a review of the service rather than the product.

If we are unable to see exactly what it refers to, the whole thing seems pointless.


In regards to returns and suchlike. I already put that?
Not to delivery.


You are totally screwed, amazon re-sold an item a customer had returned scratched. The next customer said it was second hand and amazon closed the listing and warned me if I sold second hand products again they may remove me from amazon. I protested that is was FBA and they that had sold it a second time and so they got really abusive and wouldn’t change their opinion. I should have said I was a silly little person who made a mistake and accidentally sent a used one and then they would probably have reinstated it. You have to grovel sincerely if they make a mistake, having run my own successful business for 35 years I find this galling! I am always the looser by trying to seek the truth though, they do not want that, they want lots of grovelling!


similar story here with a couple of listings


I’ve had loads of these but every time they ‘check’ its the right item apparently


Hi, we’ve had this problem too, could it be your manufacturer / supplier has applied the incorrect FBA product labels to the product - so when Amazon scans it in their warehouse, the product comes up as if it’s the correct product X when in fact the package contains product Y. We think this might have happened to us once…


As the saying goes - They can’t handle the Truth !