[Voice of Customer] How to improve POOR ASIN


Same for us, customer says he received a cookbook instead of stickers…
I tried to raise a ticket, but ofcourse Seller support didn’t understand the question and sent me a copy and paste answer that had nothing to do with the problem:tired_face:
Did anyone find a way to get Amazon to ignore feedback related to “received the wrong item” when they are the ones sending it?
I’m talking about the voice of the customer rating here, where we don’t have access to the data…
Anyway this is low on the list of Amazon-created issues for us but still would be nice to know how to solve it…



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Hello @sellerof2020,

I understand that you did received a negative feedback on a particular ASIN.

As in the voice of customer you will be able to see the reason why you got those complaints and you can review it by clicking on ‘See details’ on the right hand side beside the column of ‘Customer Experience (CX) Health’.

As Amazon will not be providing with the Order IDs. Requesting you to look into your feedbacks, AtoZ Claims, Buyer – Seller communications and your reviews as well.

We strongly recommend to review the reasons behind the feedback raised by the buyer and work around for its resolution and if you think that the feedback you have received is violating the Amazon policy you can request for a feedback removal.

You can refer to this link: https://sellercentral.amazon.in/gp/help/help.html?itemID=20231&

Hope this answers your query.



I am finding it interesting that the forum mods(as above) are now acting in more of a Seller Support role - which is great as their advice is much more applicable, relevant and understandable than than the ‘support’ offered by SS.


I read lots of reports on these forums about how we are treated by Amazon employees. I trade on other platforms along with Amazon and this is by far the worse platform I have ever traded on. It became clear from the very start how I would be treated and we decided to trade until we either leave or are pushed off. We have had items removed many times without any reason. We have been told we can’t sell a certain item but many others sell the same item. We have had message after message about our stock ( we are a 3rd party seller) It appears Amazon want all 3rd party sellers off this platform and then they can continue to control how they treat you and know that if you dare complain they will make your life much harder to stay on this platform. It remands me of a SCHOOL BULLY who will do what he wants to you because you are too frighten to tell anyone.

What a rotten place to be in.


I actually had one of mine shut down. Had 4 customers state that they received wrong items, they didn’t, they ordered incorrectly and received correct items. Eventhough this was 4 out of 500 my listing was deleted.

The aim of the game here is to find out why those customers were able to order incorrectly and as a seller make our listings more “fool proof” for lack of better word.

There’s no real way of improving your listing, other than making sure your are doing everything you can to make things easy for the customer.

Unfortunately after only 4 negative experiences amazon deleted our listing.

I can also confirm that there was no subsequent negative effect on our account, just the one listing that was deleted.

Hope that’s of some help.


Yes school bully is exactly what I think, constant humiliation and rudeness and metaphorical beating up all the time!


I was about to click that when I spotted it was for Amazon India. :thinking:

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what the Voice of the Customer is actually based on.

Is it seller feedback, product reviews or a combination of the two (or something else)?
I’m not sure what purpose it serves for BMVD sellers who list products (books, DVDs, CDs etc) over which they have no ultimate control.

Would a negative review of the plot of a book or film, for example, be counted?