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Well I don’t know if it’s just me, but I haven’t got a clue what this is?
Nothing different on the dashboard that I can see.


It will take some time for Amazon to enroll the feature across all accounts:



I’m presuming that is a submenu of the main page?


It’s the main page of “Voice of the customer” dashboard, which can be accessed through the Account Health page.

Here is the link:



This has appeared for me.

I have one item that is flagged as poor. When I check the feedback it is because items have arrived with packaging torn. These items were all FBA.

Poor means that the item is at risk of being removed. This seems a bit unfair if the reason is due to FBA. Will I be able to appeal?

Where do they get the feedback from? I have not been left this feedback in my actual feedback.


Usually, once your listing gets closed due to a high rate of negative customer experience, you are able to relist it immediately by following all steps in the performance notification.


all my " GOOD" listings have a 0% NCX,(negative customer experience)- beyond me how any could get to be an “EXCELLENT” ??


As you correctly highlighted: NCX is “Negative Customer Experience”.
This doesn’t tell you how much positive customer experience items have had.
I would presume items with a high positive rating get excellent status.

Usually the listing isn’t “removed” per-se, it is temporarily closed to give you chance to fix potential problems and re-list. It will only get closed in a slightly more permanent way if the problems persist after this has happened once or twice already, in this case you then have to open a case with seller support to have it re-listed.
There’s only two exceptions to this I’m aware of:
When the FBA team has deemed the packaging to be a severe and unresolvable problem, such as sending garden gnomes into FBA in poly bags without bubble wrap (yes… this happened).
The other is when the customer complaints relate to receiving the wrong item from FBA, the FBA team has checked and found the items in your inventory do not match the listing.

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