Vtr emails


Please can someone help me ?

I have received and email regarding tracking tonight. We usually sit around 75% but amazon said this is due to missed scans etc…
However, tonight we have received an email stating it is due to invalid tracking ID’s.
This was a different email to what we usually receive.

Can someone please give some advise how I can keep the number up ? We were okay up until today !

Thanks so much


What postage service are you using and how are the tracking numbers uploaded ?

Can you post a screenshot of the email and is it in your performance notifications therefore actually from amazon


We’ve had a similar email, we don’t use Royal Mail and our VTR is 99.9%.

We noticed that some of your Royal Mail tracking IDs are missing or do not match Royal Mail’s format. This is impacting your Valid Tracking Rate, which is currently below the required 95%, putting your account at risk of category suspensions.

Amazon customers depend on tracking IDs to find out where their shipments are and when they can expect to receive them. For Amazon selling partners, providing valid tracking IDs reduces buyer contacts, order defects and lost order costs, and protects you from A-to-Z Guarantee claims


It is not in my seller performance, however, the email is seller-info@amazon.com

So worried ! I will try and screen shot now

Thank you


I can not screen shot for some reason !

But it reads -
We noticed that some of your Royal Mail tracking IDs are missing or do not mtach Royal Mail’s format.
This is impactng your valid tracking rate, which is currently below the required 95% putting your account at risk of category suspensions.


How do you post things and how do you mark them dispatched on amazon?


We have had the same email last night. Our VTR is 88.3% - on the defect report almost all of them are listed Delivery Method: Royal Mail 24 - CRL.

Tracking IDs are valid when copy and pasted into Royal Mail but show as “An update will only be provided when we attempt to deliver your item”.

Last nights email is different to the usual ones but I do wonder if it might be related to when the Royal Mail tracking website was down for the best part of a week.


Should it be from .com? Shouldn’t it be from .co.uk?


VTR emails are usually in performance notifications

I recall a similar email being sent last year . I’ll dig for the threads


We update these from Click & Drop.

Yes, the email last night was different from the others, so yes, maybe it is to do with Royal Mail

Such a worrying time - CONSTANTLY


Did you get anywhere with this ?
Any info from amazon at all ?


What should I do regarding this do you guys think ?


Have you actually downloaded your vtr defect report to check that the only ones on there are unscanned ones ?


There has been many problems with tracking on Royal Mail over the past few weeks, seems this started on 6th October, where we had over 200 parcels all that show as invalid on the Royal Mail website, yet if we look in Click & Drop the tracking numbers are correct, and have all been manifested. None of these parcels were delivered, and god only knows what Royal Mail did with them.

Similar instances occoured on 3rd, 9th and 17th November.


Yes it must be down to Royal Mail

This is so worrying as customers are now just demanding refunds too
So scary


I didn’t get the email and I use RM and haven’t not found this issue
you need to download the defect report just in case there is a problem


Just double checked, it is showing valid tracking ID : NO
Tracking ID provided : Yes


but what are they ?
CRL RM24 and 48
Signed For
Tracked ?

how is the info entered ?


They are RM 48 (LL) Annual Flat Rate
This is automatically uploaded from Click & Drop

Then some 2nd Class Letters too

So confused why this has happened


Letters are invalid for VTR so there is a potential problem there

how do you mark the letter ones ?