VTR - How do I get back to selling?


I have had an issue with VTR where my Team has omitted to enter tracking detail for each sale. Rightly so the product was marked as unavailable by Amazon because we had 0% VTR. It was our mistake however I followed the Amazon VTR notes and wrote to op-pso-vtr-appeals@amazon.co.uk explaining why this happened and advising that we have changed our internal process to ensure it does not happen again

I had no reply after 6 days. So I wrote again and still no reply. I raised a support ticket and was told that there is nothing they can do.

Now I am stuck. Has anyone had this issue with lack of response?

Thank you


Did you write it in the 3 part appeal format?


Yes. My point here is that I have had no reply and the item is still marked as unavailable.
This makes it impossible for me to understand if anything else is needed or indeed if the email was received or not.


Appeals usually seem to take rather longer than a week, and chasing up or re-submitting one does not do any good: it’s more likely to put it to the back of the queue again. All you can do is wait, while checking your e-mails and performance notifications in case Amazon ask for more information


Typically this. Although I got category suspended for VTR 2 weeks ago at 3am and was reinstated by lunchtime.