VTR Rollout - Is it now safe to come out from behind the sofa?


Ok, so I have several with PDDs from 7/04 up to 13th, all posted via RM 2nd class, manual confirm shipment, untracked, using Royal Mail in first box, then Royal Mail 2nd Class from the dropdown and ALL are invalid :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I have done everything supposed to do, the way others have done them, and they’re getting exempt.
I really am at a loss, but cannot stomach the thought of opening a case with SS. :unamused:


I have unticked the automatic shipping confirmation from C&D and also been manually dispatching, all orders marked from dropdown Royalmail and then 2nd class and that has worked for me.
I was experimenting a few weeks ago and something that I did notice is after manually dispatching and switching the C& D back on a day later that it overrides the info already entered to whatever is on click and drop, ie I was testing marking other ( as that is what SS told me to do) and it changed it to Royalmail 2nd Class.


if you go back into one of those orders, does it still show as Royal Mail and Royal Mail 2nd Class on the order screen?


Yes, it does.
I have sent 2 this morning so I will wait and see what happens with those - it’s the waiting for the PDD to arrive is frustrating !!

Yet again incorrect advice from SS !


My VTR had been slowly rising from 60% to 75% 2/3 weeks ago, however, for the last week it has stablised at 74%
On downloading today’s report the dates of the orders run from 19th march to 25th march.
All entries are INVALID
2 weeks ago I used Amazon “buy shipping” for a mix of 2nd class & RM48 however since I soon learned that this may not work,a week ago I switched back to my RM OBA C&D using ordinary 2nd class then manually marking each order despatched before manifesting.
I’m just hoping that in a couple of weeks from now, my stats will all kick in favourably


Talk about making everyone jump through pointless hoops…

There is something seriously wrong with the rollout of VTR and I refuse to play a game where no one knows the rules.

If Amazon seriously thinks that the average seller here can individually negotiate with the likes of RM, they have either lost the plot or they are just trolling us:

FAQs on Valid Tracking Rate policy in UK

  1. What happens if my shipping service provider fails to scan my packages meaning I miss ‘VTR’ for a product?
  • The first thing to do is engage directly with your shipping service provider to try and find a resolution with them.

This snippet alone should be enough to tell us that Amazon hasn’t a clue about the way the national carrier operates. Talking to the manager of RM is not like chatting to the local newsagent about your paper delivery options.

I hate to say it, but chasing this VTR thing is driving otherwise rational sellers round the bend…:woozy_face:


Most of us are not only rational, but also have a degree of intelligence, some business acumen, and common sense, and strive to please our customers at all times, unlike other certain groups of sellers we know about !

The comment about engaging directly with shipping provider is just so totally absurd it’s laughable :roll_eyes:


And I bet, SS are so clueless that if you had to submit a POA and told them that you’ve personally contacted the postie in question and told them not to do it again, they’d probably believe you. :sweat_smile:


Much in the same way of the automatic opting in and implementation of faster transit times for “regional” deliveries.

It’s hard to keep a rational and logical outlook with something as fatally flawed as the current VTR system. Non-stop cut & paste replies from SS that should really know more than people posting here. It’s difficult when one single announcement acknowledging the issues would make such a massive difference right now.
It really is like getting trolled, continuously.


You should be fine to leave the C&D integration turned on, provided you are purchasing standard Royal Mail 1st/2nd Class (which is not code STL if a business account). The shipping info should be be populated by the C&D integration in the exact same way as using the drop-downs does. If you do turn it back on, double check the Shipping Info boxes!


What do they these invalid ones have in columns F & G of the downloaded report?


F - Royal_Mail and G - Royal_Mail_PTP_SC_LL


There’s something going on here that isn’t right.

That’s not what selecting the drop-downs is showing on the report for anybody else in those columns. That’s the sort of stuff that orders purchased through ‘Buy Shipping’ show in those columns.

So you’ve got orders where in the shipping info at the bottom of the order page you see:
Shipping Carrier Royal Mail
Shipping service Royal Mail 2nd Class
Tracking ID -

Yet on your VTR report the same orders show Royal_Mail_PTP_SC_LL

Is this correct?


oh dear, I’ve been purchasing STL instead of BPL on my C&D, as it’s cheaper on my tariff, as I’m not vat reg
will my VTR be penalised?


Yes most likely they will be invalid - because STL has ‘an option’ for a delivery scan to be added on when signed for is selected. For this nonsensical reason it appears that Amazon is classing STL as a tracked delivery method.

Does the Shipping Info on the bottom of the orders say:

Royal Mail 2nd Class Account

(or something similar)? If it does then yes. Worse case scenario you should be able to retrospectively change the shipping info by editing it to the drop down options (Royal Mail & Royal Mail 2nd Class)

I think STL is actually slightly more expensive than BPL (51p for 2nd class letter) if you are not VAT registered?


you may be right, I haven’t compared the charges for a while, I find it difficult to navigate my way around my own OBA!
using STL it does NOT say 2nd class account
2nd class
so i may be ok
but back to BPL for now, thanks for the clarification!


Hi James.
Ok, so I have gone back and checked them all, and realised there are just 2 that are showing like that, the others are OK, as I realised I had used ‘Buy Shipping’ as a final last ditch attempt to see if they had fixed it, but they haven’t, so have now stopped using buy shipping - so apologies for confusing you :expressionless:
…however there are the two for which I purchased from RM online and manually entered, as I am doing now, and they are def showing as I described above ??
Maybe they got confused by all the chopping and changing ! :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All my STL show as 2nd Class Account


What a mess this all is.

Hopefully the ones you’ve been using the drop-downs for since then will be exempt. Let us know how it goes.


I’ve just double checked a few transactions I processed today, a mix of BPL and STL
and all are recorded in orders as
Royal Mail 2nd Class
Royal Mail 2nd Class Account