VTR Royal Mail 2nd Class on Report?


Absolute joke we have just had phone put down now been on the phone for over 4 hours our shop has now being threatened with closure you can send a man to the moon but cannot sort your problems out , we have even had a vtr for clothing dont even sell clothing


Edited some of mine to 1st class stamps franking on Friday, but still invalid on report and VTR is still 0%


Were these orders originally sent using C&D or manually dispatched in Seller Central?

It can also take up to 72 hours to update, but the ones I’ve done in the past have updated sooner than this.


No it won’t override because you have turned off auto marked as dispatched in C&D


Originally C&D auto marked dispatched via RM (code BPL)


Hello Cotswold
There are quite a few posters including yourself whose opinions I trust who appear to have been editing their dispatch confirmations to stamps/franking and presumably will use stamps /franking going forward

Just wondering if this is within the policy that suggests stamps/franking is only permitted for letters- this paragraph

(I’m not bothered by the ethics, just bothered by the bots)


Ok thank you but do I still mark as dispatched in C&D to move them from the box ready to dispatch or do I just leave them there? :pray:


I have just done 100 of mine showing as invalid on report, will do the other 100 later :weary: changing from 2nd class to 2nd class franked.


Are they all letters? or are any of them letters? :grinning:


All large letters, I can’t send my stuff tracked post, as low value, sales have dropped so they would prob be non existent if I start charging for tracked post. Will update in next couple day to say if my VTR has risen from 2.29%:weary::weary:


I completely get the dilemma, and posted many time on the threads back earlier in the year that a requirement for tracked services smashes my business model . Around 70% of my goods are large letters.

The issue going forward is that Amazon are closing one loophole, but the loophole that lots of posters are now seizing on seems to be one that they state is only valid for letters.


I’m wondering about this too. But that’s the problem with the policy: nowhere does it explicitly state that sellers are not permitted to use untracked delivery methods such as Stamps/Franking for Royal Mail Large Letters and Small/Medium Parcels. I use Stamps for all my Large Letters and Small Parcels, as it is convenient for me not to have to use Post Offices or get to grips with printing labels or paying extra for tracked services, and will continue confirming delivery using ‘Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking’ until it becomes apparent (if it ever does) that this is strictly against the policy.

It seems as though they want to push sellers into using tracked services wherever possible, so I guess there might be another policy refresh eventually, banning use of Stamps for everything except Letters. If so, I guess I will have to adapt to new circumstances and start from scratch to understand all the alternative dispatch methods… :roll_eyes:


Yes I agree but several posters have said it rectified their VTR, it is unacceptable that Amazon are not accepting 2nd class large letters anymore but what can you do but try to keep going for as long as possible . I really don’t understand why they are doing what they are doing as if I have a problem with a package not arriving my customer lets me know and if it’s over the due date then I send a replacement or refund them depending on their preference. I rely on Amazon as an income so fingers crossed this works…. Until the next change :weary::weary::weary:


that’s exactly how I feel, Jilly


Am I missing something here, but if we confirm shipment manually for letters, large letters and small parcels (untracked) by using the Stamps/Franking option, surely Amazon do not know what size of item it is ? - so that option can be used for all untracked items - or am I being too simplistic ?!


Large Letters don’t seem to be explicitly referred to in the Amazon policy, unless I have missed something. Perhaps we’re meant to assume from their omission that they’re supposed to be treated the same as Small/Medium Parcels. But I don’t see how the Amazon systems can be programmed to make assumptions about whether any particular order would have been sent as a Letter, Large Letter, Small Parcel or Medium Parcel. It’s very rare for any of my packages to be reported as non-delivered by the customer, but whenever this happens I always refund or send a replacement (and where possible claim back from Royal Mail), so I consider that I give a very good service to customers (as reflected in my 100% positive rating for the past 10+ years) - surely this is the most important thing.


quick question:
if i am editing consignment for all my 2nd class large letters which are now all invalid,
should I be selecting

Royal Mail 2nd class stamps/franking



Ditto!! Same here. I have great feedback and reply to my customer queries when they occur, within a couple of hours! It seems ironic that quite a few orders marked as invalid on my VTR report have positive feedback… where’s the logic???


Jilly, you’re right. I don’t see how Amazon’s systems can make any assumptions about the size of any particular item. So I’m assuming and hoping that I can continue to confirm shipping with the delivery option which accurately reflects my actual shipping method (Stamps).


It would appear from previous comments that this has worked, I have only started to update some of my shipments today so the next 24/48 hours will tell if my VTR improves, If not then goodness knows what I will do moving forward as tracked post costs is def not the way forward for me as my items are low value. I accept that I am a small person in Amazon’s seller crowd but I have been selling for years with excellent performance stats. It’s really not fair!!