VTR Royal Mail 2nd Class on Report?


Mines gone down and back up slightly - wish they’d leave stuff alone or do it in the middle of the night whilst we’re blissfully unaware !


Yeah mine dropped from N/A where it was about 2 hours, to 70.68

And then dropped again to 60% while I was writing this post.

Has to be something wrong somewhere


I wonder if it’s the “Royal Mail 2nd Class” v “Stamps/Franking” thing…


eeekk im on 53% now…


mine is going down every 20 mins from 100% -94%-84%-69.45% and we have not changed anything at all!

we do not send tracked, simply choose RM - RM2nd class

hopefully this is a glitch and it get sorted

does anyone use RM - 2nd class stamps option?


Has everyone been marking theirs using the the drop downs?

Has anyone been using C&D or some other integration to mark their orders?


Mine’s down to 55.6% - was 100% yesterday and have sent nothing tracked in the time scale ! - CRAZY !


ours are all from the drop down - entered corrected for our letters


N/A first thing this morning now 66%
How did Amazon ever get to be as big as it is?


Same here, I was at a 100% and now at 91.21% with a total of 8 orders on my report.

They are all letters manually marked as dispatched as Royal Mail & Royal Mail 1st Class

It’s also stating Yes in the ‘Has Tracking ID’ column, but of course they do not and never did have a tracking number to begin with.

At the moment my C&D orders are not showing on the report, as well as many other orders manually marked as Royal Mail & Royal Mail 1st Class Stamps/Franking.

As a test I’ve altered the 8 orders to Royal Mail 1st Class Stamps/Franking, to see if this has an affect in removing them from the report.


same here,our VTR went from N/A to 53% overnight,nothing sent tracked.another thing to worry about thanks AMZ


getting scared now as im now on 46% … has there been any reply from amazon


now i’ve not checked the VTR report for a long time - as we were at 100% !

I believe the column titles have changed / been added to

there’s now

Any Physical Scan from Carrier
Delivery Scan/Attempt

were they there before or are they changing the report too ?


I’ve had one just appear - RM 2nd class small parcel untracked, sent via Buy Shipping direct.
It’s put my VTR down to 50%.


I’d noticed the new columns, this has changed today as I’ve been checking and changing old shipments over the past couple of weeks to 2nd Class so am used to looking at this report.


There are definately new columns, I have old VTR reports downloaded.


Yes, us too 54% - should be N/A
Using Royal Mail Royal Mail 1st class from the drop downs - should be Exempt
No tracking ID - Report say it has.

Has been N/A for weeks.

Amazon what are you playing at this time…

“How did we do”…
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anybody selecting stamps/franking have them appearing ?

@pudding_n_pie having buy shipping appearing again makes me hope its a glitch !
where are your invalids from @JillyB1 ?


Mine has also dropped and all the items concerned are sent by 2nd Class untracked post. On looking further I found the NEW(?) consignment category 2nd Class Stamps/Franking so have edited the consignment info on the “offending” orders - think this should fix it but why the hell was it necessary in the first place - its getting bl**dy ridiculous!!!


I’ve had a couple more pop up on my report, again Royal Mail & Royal Mail 1st Class.

For the time being my Royal Mail 1st Class Stamps/Franking orders are not appearing, I have 100’s of these orders within the promised delivery dates of 11th June to 10th of July.