VTR Royal Mail 2nd Class on Report?


I queried this with Amazon as many here have done. Here is my question along with the answer from Seller Support.

All my items are sent 2nd class, untracked and are exempt from Valid Tracking Rate as confirmed by Amazon. In the last few days all my items are showing as non-exempted. What is going on? There is a discussion in the Seller Forums regarding this, which has grown to over 700 pages in just a few days. Many sellers have asked Amazon Seller Support the same question but are receiving conflicting answers. Please advise. https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/forums/t/vtr-royal-mail-2nd-class-on-report/450438/727


Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. To help you, we have alerted our internal team to your issue and have forwarded your case to their attention. They will research your issue on an expedited basis and reach out to you if any additional information is required.

To ensure you don’t have to follow up, we would continue to provide timely update on the progress of the situation. Rest assured that, this case is our top priority.​

Thank you for selling with Amazon.


no you need to choose Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking that is what I have done and it has all gone back to normal…untill the next time…


Well, up until this point that’s been the case when this option has been selected. I’ve seen countless posts of people selecting it over the last few months, resulting in invalid VTR’s.

It happened to me a few weeks back when I had an issue with C&D overiding my manual dispatches from Royal Mail 1st Class Stamps/Franking to just Stamps/Franking

Hey, maybe it’s changed since Amazon altered the VTR system? who knows anymore!!! It’s like trying to nagivate a minefield without getting your legs blown off!


please select Stamps/Franking from the dropdown.

To be fair in the announcement that Amazon has just made, it does now just state Stamps/Franking.

Maybe all 3 Stamps/Franking options will now be exempt for VTR purposes, but Stamps/Franking at the bottom of the list certainly hasn’t been until now, if that’s correct.


In Amazon’s “Valid Tracking Rate (VTR)” summary found here:

They state the following

  1. The tracking ID for merchant fulfilled orders that are dispatched with a tracked delivery method/delivery service or the unique parcel ID (located above the 2D barcode on the label) in case you use the Royal Mail 24®/48® delivery methods.

This seems to also apply to Royal Mail 1st/2nd Class when using Click and Drop or Proshipping as each label is provided with a unique id just above the 2D barcode. Apparently this is supplied instead of the tracking number. Which suggests that although some comments state that this number is internal to Royal Mail, it is not and Amazon has access to Royal Mail’s API to retrieve an update of the final scan of the 2D barcode. Which would inform Amazon of the items delivery.


You can do it in bulk via a spreadsheet.

you can find it in Orders > Update Order Related Files

Download the shipping template.

Copy all the order IDs from the VTR invalid report into it, enter the other required details, save it, and then upload it.

If you want to do it for the orders that you have already sent and are about to appear over the next couple of weeks or so I think you might be able to download all of their Order IDs somewhere too.


First&Second class large letters come with a tracking number that is displayed above the 2D barcode on the label. But this number doesn’t get transferred to Click & Drop and Amazon since Royal Mail has not committed to scan them at the door to confirm delivery. But as a good practice they started scanning parcels a couple of years ago I think. I am wondering if copying and pasting this tacking number manually to Amazon shipping confirmation would work.


This is a message to Amazon Performance. We use stamps so why is the Valid Tracking Rate 1.76% as below


Please can you resolve this issue it’s been dragging on for months now and its very frustrating and stressful. How are you helping small businesses if your systems don’t work?


So Amazon is backtracking and changing it’s own rules.

I post large letters using first class stamps can someone please confirm that I should now mark all my orders Royal Mail 1st class stamps/franking or just stamps/franking??

All I’m doing is selling used CDs it seems ironic that Amazon is saying my orders are shipped by invalid method when I have reviews on my page from for the same orders where people who got their orders the next day.


I’ve tried to do that before, but I’m honestly not good with the whole download/upload thing.

Keeps telling me is isn’t valid.


We have had the same reply. Not changing anything on my report until I’ve heard back from them.


On top of that the SS agent I just spoke to told me there was no exempt items from VTR and I had to post everything tracked from now on.

Even when I tried to explain that he website, the announcement, the policy, the webinar all disagreed with him he insisted send everything tracked…

It honestly baffles me how as a company they manage to make so much money {Moderator Edit (Jessica) inappropriate comment removed}


Hi all,

Just to let you know I am still waiting for an update on this. When any information is received the thread will be updated.



Fair enough!

Like most things on here, they make it harder than needed.


[quote="BM5, post:835, topic:4504

The following shipments are considered as exempted shipments:

Domestic deliveries dispatched through untracked delivery methods, for example Royal Mail Stamps/Franking

I do NOT use stamps/franking, so why should I say that I do, when that is only one example of an untracked service.
It is still not right - they are expecting us to confirm shipment incorrectly.
I wonder if they will get round to changing the drop-down to ensure only the relevant options are included ?



Was the announcement made today not the update?



@Jessica - there has been an announcement just a while ago .


Announcement was not clear and it was missing royal mail first and second class large letters )-:


I contacted SS yesterday re my VTR crashing from 100% to 0% overnight with 400 invalids all RM 2nd class
Here is the reply I got:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

Thank you for your continued patience. At the moment, I am working with our internal team to reach a resolution on your case. While I don’t currently have an update, I will follow up with you as soon as additional information is available.

Thank you for selling with Amazon.


Thank you Jessica. @jessica

What the majority of us need to know is, do we now need to spend what will be the best part of a day retrospectively changing 1000+ dispatched orders from Royal Mail 2nd class (which we were told was the correct thing to do originally, confirmed correct by VTR reports showing “N/A”), to Royal Mail 2nd Class stamps/franked? Or not?

Amazon is very clear about us not unnecessarily emailing customers but as you know, reconfirming shipment will send 100,000’s of unnecessary emails to customers.



I think this bit means whatever the parcel size is, 1st/2nd class needs a tracking ID. Anything which was being exempted and now isn’t, they’ve done it on purpose. For us this is letters we sent via untracked methods.

That’s how I read it anyway.

So they may as well get rid of the Royal Mail 1st/2nd Class drop downs now since they are untracked methods and you are meant to put a tracking ID in :joy: