VTR Royal Mail 2nd Class on Report?


Hi all,

I had not seen the announcement. For those of you have have not seen it yet, it can be found here Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services



Thank you - big issue though. There is no barcoded product for letter size 1st or 2nd class. How should these be input?


The problem is, Jessica, that those of us who do not use stamps /franking are expected to basically be untruthful about the way we ship our orders, and standard 1st/2nd Class is still an untracked method and should be exempt not invalid, which it WAS until this latest debacle.

Quote from the announcement:

The following shipments are considered as exempted shipments:

Domestic deliveries dispatched through untracked delivery methods, for example Royal Mail Stamps/Franking

Stamps/franking is only one example of an untracked method, yet it seems that the others are not being recorded correctly.


Because they have not listed all Royal Mail services one by one with further explanation, this announcement leaves room for confusion and misunderstanding.


Completely agree, Jilly. Until Amazon communicate about this, I don’t think anything should be changed at all.


Have you seen the new Announcement, Carol ?
Link above from Jessica, or over in the UK announcements page.

(I have messaged you on the other forum !)


Yes, just seen it now, Jilly. Don’t understand it at all. Could you PM me the link to the other forum as I don’t have it since changing my laptop.


As I was saying earlier rm 24 and 48 and 1st and second class are the same thing.

Everyone tried to kick me of the thread for it.

Now please folks give royal mail a drilling and get them scanning all parcels all 100% accuracy, otherwise there will be no more royal mail.


Oh man, this is such a mess! I have just read the announcement, how can they do this !?!

I use Click&Drop and send everything 1st or 2nd class small parcel and the 2d barcode is on the labels but I don’t think it passes this information on to Amazon!

I have also got the email threatening listing suspension. Don’t know what to do.
I have used the ‘buy postage’ on the amazon site for my orders today and my VTR is still 0%.

I have created a feedback post of the click & drop website, so if anyone uses that then please give it a vote.


Even if you provide the barcode royal mail at not bothering to scan them.

Well they are scanning about 80% of them and it needs to be 95%

So aside from sending with the barcode everyone needs to grill royal mail to start scanning properly by tomorrow


Just read the announcement and am now a bit confused as many more are I suppose, reading that it looks like should be selecting stamps/franking for letters and large letters even though I’m using click and drop BPL codes which have a qr code and tracking number ?

Also then as I along with many others have been selecting R.M. 1st or 2nd class as per instructed to do so by Amazon who told us they were exempt ( and have apparently changed their minds today !! ) , are Amazon going to remove all those from our VTR metrics as it’s no fault of ours ? Anybody any ideas or suggestions, or anything from the Amazon moderators about this ?

Another question if I keep our C&D account linked to Amazon is it still going to import the barcodes that are invalid even if I’m selecting stamps/franking or should I/we un-link them and manually mark them as dispatched ?
Any thoughts welcomed …:smile::smile:
Just put this on the other thread also …


As I was saying earlier rm 24 and 48 and 1st and second class are the same thing.

Everyone tried to kick me of the thread for it.

Now please folks give royal mail a drilling and get them scanning all parcels all 100% accuracy, otherwise there will be no more royal mail.

I wouldn’t say they are the same. If I post an item 1st class large letter or letter I have 0% chance of getting a delivery scan. Royal Mail 24 should get a scan on delivery. I understand this isn’t happening as it should though.


Your VTR will not change yet - the % calculation is retrospective and based on PDD (promised delivery date) and is currently for items with a PDD between 14 June to 13 July, so your ones bought today will not appear on your report for at least 10 days.


No - this thread is nothing to do with RM24/48. Literally.

The way VTR counts RM24/48 has not changed at all.

This thread was created for those Royal Mail delivery methods where the way they were being counted for VTR was exempt, but then all of a sudden changed to invalid. The announcement made today by Amazon acknowledges that this happened.

Threads can be pulled by moderators if they are considered a duplicate of another thread elsewhere. There already existed a thread regarding scan rate and RM24/48’s. This was why sellers asked you to post on that one and not this one with regards to that issue.

This thread has still got absolutely nothing to do with scan rate. There is no scan rate for untracked Royal Mail 1st/2nd Class delivery methods which are not signed for, RM24/48, or parcels. That is what this one is for. This is what sellers above are saying. Untracked letters/large letters that are NOT RM24/48 do not have 2d barcodes. This is nothing to do with Royal Mail.

We all acknowledge that RM24 is a 1st class service and that Rm48 is a second class service - but these threads are about how these are calculated for the purpose of VTR, not what Royal Mail says they are.


1st class is one day delivery royal mail 24 and second class in 48 hour delivery royal mail 48

As things modernise and evelove 24 and 48 have been repalicing the traditional 1st and 2nd class.

They are not idenntial 100% no but 24 and 48 is the modern 1st and 2nd and this is what amazon wants every item sent with going forward.

I think franking is not allowed amazon clearly want tracking and they clearley want it to work for 95% of orders and above.

So please everyone make sure you all call royal mail and tell them they are about to lose there business royal mail will be no longer, amazon will tak over with fba and there own deliveres unless royal mail can start to scan 100% of items on time with acuracy, they need bombarding.


And also how does this work on a 3rd party shipping platfom like linnworks, i have no idea, appears amazon have also not taken 3rd party intergartion into account, if you have an oba account or linnworks or 3rd party shipping intergration, your not buying postage from amazon so there is no way to prove the numbers are real.


I emailed my account manager, didn’t want to know.


Sorry i got that mixed up 24 and 48 with a scan as a minium is what amazon wants going forward with at least 95% of items being scanned, franking i would say clearly will not be accepted as there are 0 scans and 0 ways to check vtr


Now that this has been confirmed as not being a glitch, we are going to:

a) edit all of our shipments that were shipped with Royal Mail/Royal Mail 2nd Class in bulk up to today to the following: Royal Mail/Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking. In theory they should be exempted from the VTR calculation within 72 hours. In theory!

b) untick the ‘Mark orders as despatched’ and ‘Upload delivery confirmation’ boxes on Click & Drop within the Amazon integration.

c) when dispatching BPL letter orders from next week, manually dispatch them on Amazon using the Royal Mail/Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking option.

Which all in all is utter madness!


I really cant see the franking option working, amzon clealry want to measure tracking vtr as a metric, i bet they wont allow any other service unless it offers a scan of some sorts.

And if they do allow franking thats miles worse.

You know 100% the most simple solution is for evryone to bombard royal mail tell them to scan all items on time. we are saving there business in essence, if they dont listen the only other option is fba. and that is a shame to take jobs from the local comunity, royal mail delivery are a friend who check if your ok with decades of tradition, amazon delivery does not care who you are.