VTR Royal Mail 2nd Class on Report?


It’s still not entirely clear from today’s news release whether the Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking option is valid for Large Letters and Small Parcels:
Reminder on VTR requirements for using Royal Mail delivery services - UK Announcements - Amazon Seller Forums
It refers to Letters but not Large Letters or Small Parcels. I’m assuming that RM 2nd Class Stamps/Franking option is OK for the larger items unless anyone knows differently. This is what I actually use - postage stamps (untracked) on Large Letters and Small Parcels - and I don’t especially want to change to a different method.


Happy to report that the changes I have made - to Royal Mail 2nd class stamps/ franking have dropped off my invalid report- so now pressing ahead to change them all.
It is a pain, but I have no qualms because using stamps on an envelope is the method I use! Just wanted to report that is is working.
Only another 4 hours or so to go!


To say this whole thing is exasperating would be the understatement of the year.

We send all our mail using our franking machine, Royal Mail 1st or 2nd class, large letter, which absolutely does not have tracking information.

Until the 20th we were told that these were exempt and our VTR was correctly showing as N/A. Now our VTR is 0%.

Surely there must be thousands upon thousands of sellers in the same boat.

What exactly are we supposed to do?


Hi James.

I read your threads on forums and find them very helpful. You have mentioned that you will be editing in bulk. Please can you share how to edit in bulk. Will be of great help.



Thanks for confirming. I updated mine 20hrs ago to Royal Mail 2nd class stamps/ franking and still waiting for them to be dropped off.

I used the Shipment Confirmation feed and it was done in minutes to update the Shipping method : https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/help.html?itemID=641&language=en_GB&ref=ag_641_relt_G200197960


I have made the decision not to change any of my orders that are now showing as invalid.

From now on I will use Amazon Buy Postage to purchase items and hope that works. I will hope I don’t get my categories suspended but I can’t guarantee it.

I am in the process of trialling FBA but I think this will hasten the decision for me to move entirely over to FBA. I am already seeing my MFN volumes starting to decrease with some of our best sellers now on FBA.

I am under the assumption that if we get suspended in a category due to low VTR it only impacts Seller Fulfilled Listings and FBA listings can continue? Does anyone know if this true or have I got it wrong?


I still cannot see why we should have to be doing this when RM 1st/ 2nd is exempt anyway and was until the last few days. It’s as though Amazon are saying that stamps/franking is the ONLY untracked method, which it is not. :roll_eyes:
I too feel totally exasperated with it all.


I’m in the process of updating over 5000. the report has been stuck on processing for the last 30mins


Took 30 hours to start dropping off- just for info.


My main reason for not going through the pain of updating all the orders is that I think Amazon haven’t thought this through entirely and will be making further changes. They are almost certainly reading these forums and probably have a good idea already that they have overlooked sellers who send untracked items.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a U-Turn at some point soon…


Certainly seems very likely given their shambolic history of implementing the VTR requirement thus far.

I’m going to give it another week and if nothing has changed I’ll go about amending our previous orders to Royal Mail - Stamps/Franking.

What an absolute pain.


I agree and if I had 5000 to change I would probably wait too. But with only 500-800 orders I will drink wine and do it manually.


I actually wouldn’t be surprised if at some point they ditch the whole idea totally.

This was supposed to be working in April and 3 months later it is still at a point where it is not working. It is actually very unpopular with sellers.

It also gives very little benefits to customers. Yes customers want tracking…I love tracking as a customer…but I don’t want to pay extra on a low price item for tracking.


editing all mine seems fruitless unless someone can tell me when the date we need to back up to n/a by.

if i start at the earliest on the report they will start dropping off of the report with all the newer ones being added as the delivery dates are reached.

I have started confirming all mine as royal mail then royal mail 2nd stamps/franking assuming that by the time suspensions come about i will be back to n/a with the new confirmation dropdowns.

the case grows for placing all my items on ebay as thats working well since this vtr fiasco started months ago, if amazon want to lose my £4k per month fees thats up to them, and i am a small one man band. bigger sellers must pay them a fortune.


Hi @Al_Aneeq_Perfumes

This post here by @BlankName that I have replied to gives you a really useful link that shows you how to do it.


Jilly, the 2d bar code, its how I see if an item has been scanned as delivered and how Ebay do it - they integrated with RM as soon as RM introduced the bar codes but Amazon refused to blaming it on RM.

I hate to say it that as a metric there will be any number of suspensions. Some of the codes do not scan, (not sure if these are counterfeit or not), some are not place strait on the parcel or the ink is running low or the code gets wet and smudge. There are also instances when they just aren’t scanned by the postie.

I have an email from Amz in response to my case a will upload it tomorrow.


They’re completely different. People only associate the two because they think 48 = 2nd class and 24 =1st class. The service is different. it would be like saying DPD packet is the same as first class.

A dog has a tail and 4 legs, doesn’t make it a cat does it :grinning:


It may take a little while with that many.

I’ve just done ours for only about 800 and it has taken about 10-15 mins or so to go from processing to ‘Done’

Keep checking it - it’ll change eventually and show if there were any errors.


Finally done, only 1 with an error, it took about 40mins, i will report back after the weekend if i get any customer enquiries

Status: Done
Number of records processed from this upload: 5027
Number of records that were activated: 5026
Number of records with errors: 1
Number of records with warnings: 0


If you edit the shipment/reconfirm, the buyer is notified right? So think carefully before editing these shipments, many sellers would only need 2-3 negs in quick succession and you’d lose your account anyway, no matter what your VTR is.