VTR stamps/franking option no longer working?


Can anyone advise if the option to reconfirm delivery using stamps/franking has disappeared?

I was left with 0% VTR instead of n/a when Amazon decided my orders via click and drop (regular 1st and 2nd class) were invalid instead of exempt.

I’ve tried reconfirming dispatch for a sample of orders individually using the following combinations :-

Carrier Royal Mail, service Royal Mail stamps/franking and

Carrier Royal Mail service stamps/franking

But the orders are still on my VTR report as invalid and show as Royal Mail/Royal Mail First Class - the report seems to ignore the reconfirmation.

Is this no longer an option? I’m using Amazon postage again so it will get better over time but if I can get these orders off the VTR invalid list I would prefer to do so, especially as they were only sent via Click and Drop in the first placecause Amazon decided their own “buy postage” option was invalid!

Should I be doing something else?



Are you just selecting the stamps/franking at the bottom or 1st or 2nd class stamps/Franking?


Do we know if both those are exempt, or does it have to just be the ‘stamps/franking’ at the bottom ?


I’ve tried both. I’ve left Royal Mail as carrier, and tried both Royal Mail 2nd class stamps/franking and just the bottom option stamps/franking. Three days later they are still on my invalid report.


I have a similar problem as a number of items I have changed have reverted back to the incorrect Royal Mail 2nd Class after being saved. Looks like a bug in the system. There doesn’t seem to be any aspect of VTR that works correctly.


A handful of mine are on my vtr report as 2nd class even though the order shows as stamps/franking


The orders that you are now manually tying to alter, when using C&D to send them, did you have ticked Mark orders as despatched on channel ?

C&D will override any changes you make to previously dispatched orders.

For the time being Royal Mail & Royal Mail 1st Class or 2nd Class Stamps/Franking are continuing to be exempt from VTR, but these need to be marked as shipped manually with your C&D integration setup without the two boxes ticked for despatched & delivery confirmation sent to channel.


It’s not that @RS_Diablo_Graphics
There is a glitch in the system where some just won’t ‘hold’


Oh OK, not really surprising is it, yet another glitch. :man_facepalming: Will they ever actually getting this VTR metric working correctly!?!? :man_shrugging:


Well according to their last announcement tomorrow is d-day ?!


Something to look forward to then, to start our week off selling on Amazon! :grimacing: :joy:


I had switched off click and drop auto despatch before changing the orders to stamps/franking - I’ve tried disconnecting integration altogether and I’ll have another go.


Taking another look, the updated order details are in fact correct in my seller account (show stamps/franking) but the report still show these as RM second class/invalid.

I’ll give it another couple of days - it’s SOO frustrating that I only switched to click and drop because Amazon told me to!


I know right. I’m checking daily for news/updates or a response to my case on this and nothing! it feels like it has been forever. They even confirmed there is an issue in a case response about this. I could do without this uneasy feeling everyday over something crazy like this! our setup works perfectly for us. Don’t they read the forums? maybe it’s not an easy fix for them. I hope it’s sorted soon or given further clarity so we can finalize what we’re actually going to stick with.


Yes Amazon recommended Click & Drop. So there must surely be an issue. SS said there is an issue and will “announce something soon” put simply. But nothing yet.


Does D-day mean that stamps/franking will no longer work and we will now HAVE to have tracking?


If we’re forced to use tracking - as in RM 24 / 48 and 2nd and 1st class STANDARD no longer exempt, then it will put a lot of businesses out - as in a lot of businesses would no longer survive. So I really hope not.


Unfortunately I don’t think SS have a clue about VTR and how it works with Royal Mail.

A lot of their answers are just given to placate sellers.

No issues have been formally announced by Amazon. All we know officially is that August the 8th was the date given to ensure barcoded RM products are used.


You say barcoded products, but 2nd and 1st class standard don’t have a barcode, right? (I mean they might have some reference on the label, but it does not provide any form of tracking). So why is it not exempt yet. Well it was exempt, as my VTR was around 100%, then the next day it wasn’t / now it’s not counting as exempt. Seems crazy. I am trying to find answers asap. All I am getting from SS is they are aware of the issue. This is taking far too long though. Sadly I have to trust Amazon support over the seller forums… maybe I haven’t been selling here for as long as you guys, but that’s how I will approach this for now.


If you are using untracked methods you have to despatch them as stamps/franking. This was in the last official Amazon update and has been discussed on these forums a lot.

The move to barcoded products by the 8th August was for sellers with a RM business account who were not using a barcoded product.

I get why you are looking for answers from seller support as they should be able to give you the right answers. I just don’t believe in this instance they fully understand how VTR and Royal mail.