VTR stamps/franking option no longer working?


Yes I have started doing it like that weeks ago, and have went in and updated any that appeared on the VTR report and they used to updated 48/72 hours but now it doesnt seem to update at all.

Also if you buy just normal royal mail 2nd class via buy shipping do these automatically count as valid for VTR?


Have any of the ones that were dispatched that way in the first place now shown up on the report? If so, what delivery type information is listed?

Have you been sending using Click and Drop?

I’m unsure on Buy Shipping for 2nd Class mail. I think I saw someone say it automatically counts as valid when they do it, but I haven’t done it myself so can’t confirm.


several of us have found that ones that we tried to update from then end of last week are now not updating

we tried to amend some that say Royal Mail 2nd Class (BPL bought on C&D) to stamps/franking and they just won’t change


oh dear i was afraid someone was going to say that. Does that mean we are all doomed then unless we use buy shipping, which i have tried this morning and its utter pants, the zebra label printing issue for one, which I am sure if I read the threads on the same issue I will sort but I am loathed to use buy shipping as it will make our shipping process much longer than the way we do it now.

We post lots of letters also if you buy them from buy shipping are they automatically counted as valid for VTR purposes?


I’m unsure on why parcels you’ve been marking as stamps/franking at time of dispatch would be showing up as invalid. Even by what’s happened since Thursday with changing historical shipments, they should still be exempt.


maybe this -…


VTR is still adding days (and orders) to our report (now up to 31st PDD) despite using Royal Mail 1st Class Stamps/Franking.

I’m still not convinced it is being treated as exempt but is being counted as 1st Class. Another AMZ bug ??


are they just letters ? they did say in their announcement that it was for letters only and i did wonder how they would know what is a letter and what isn’t (presumably the system knows as the dimensions should be on the listing)

Added to this that our RM account manager, along with someone else’s has been told by amazon that Stamps/Franking is only a temporary measure

are these retrospective changes to Stamps/Franking or were they input like that all along ?


Letters. Not retrospective and nothing over 100gms, even in combinations so I don’t get it.
If they are counting our product as parcels etc, I’d love to know how they are working it out.


Are there other sellers on the listings you sell or just yourselves?


The system would have to know it was a parcel though, and as far as I can tell it’s not figuring that out based on the item dimensions in the product info.


i thought it may not know as obviously when buying postage on amazon, you have to tell the system the dimensions however, my listings all have the package dimensions on it so i wasn’t sure if amazon were somehow able to pick that up

Their announcement stated stamps/franking was for letters only so wondered how they would know however, as my RM account manager has been told that amazon will be removing that option, i guess it doesn’t matter


Had enough of chasing my tale with it all. We have just 1 on our report and because of this new non correction policy they’ve seemed to have made it’s stuck on there and won’t shift until near the end of August…

To clarify. Amazon will accept the Royal Mail 48… not the tracked one with the barcode… So it goes stamp then Royal Mail BPL or whatever it’s called then there’s Royal Mail 48 (no barcode) then the tracked barcode one… So if you buy the Royal Mail 48 non barcode option via Amazon does this actually count towards VTR automatically?


I think Amazon only offers the barcoded RM48. I think RM48 from click and drop is invalid if it doesn’t have the barcode.


:joy: Surely not. How are sellers meant to send items costing like £5 - £10 on such an expensive service.


On our VTR performance page, the information on the right hand side, No.5 clearly says this :-

The following shipments are considered as exempted shipments

1. Domestic Orders delivered through a carrier which is not integrated with Amazon 2. Digital products, e.g. Audio Book 3. EU Cross border deliveries, e.g. deliveries that are ordered on Amazon.co.uk and are dispatched from an EU country 4. International deliveries (excluding deliveries that are dispatched from China): International packages that are ordered on Amazon.co.uk but dispatched from outside the UK or China 5. Domestic deliveries dispatched through untracked delivery methods, for example Royal Mail Stamps/Franking 6. Deliveries that are dispatched using labels purchased on Amazon’s Buy Shipping Services (also known as MSS)

Surely if Stamps/Franking was not an option this would be removed :confused:


I think(hope) that they are including large letters in the letters category.


unfortunately regardless of size, i don’t believe stamps/franking is a long term option for anyone


It will have to be the method for me now until I can sit down and work out the best option as regards to buying online.


I have a royalmail tracked 48 parcel on my report showing as a invalid tracking number, the tracking number is correct ad was uploaded automatically via C & D,the tracking shows the customer collected the item from the RM department.
I have opened a case and SS keep sending updates advising that it’s under investigation.
I also have 2x Royalmail 48 Large letter tracked as delivered also displaying as invalid on the VTR report.
Not sure what is going on at the moment I have gone from 100% to 77%.