VTR stamps/franking option no longer working?


I have found the same issues but if you wait until any automated data transfer has finished from royal mail and then make the selection for franking tt will stick. I also found that if you can select franking then select a different carrier, then select royal mail as a carrier again and the options will appears. This issue seems to happen randomly. I hope this helps. My vtr is gradually going up from 1% but it takes time unless you go back into each order and make the changes.


have you unchecked the cofermation in your click and drop as if not it will send info to amazon saying you have sent 1st class


Absolutely true…

As a seller of many years, it has been proven time and time again that sometimes the advice given by SS can be blatantly incorrect, even giving totally wrong advice on occasions.
Even Amazon themselves suggest the forum as one of the ways of getting advice and help.


Yes we have had the same issue as you have described. We have also raised several cases on this matter. It appears their own systems does not recognise the difference with Royal Mail 2nd Class Stamps/Franking and Selecting Stamps/Franking. As a result we are noticing less sales than usual and our VTR 1.16.


I found that by selecting just stamps/franking is temperamental showing up on the vtr report but selecting Royal Mail first class stamps/franking and Royal Mail second class stamps/franking still works 100% perfectly for me.


When did you do it as they seem to take longer to come off the vtr report if it’s done near the weekend? I did one on Thursday and it still hasn’t come off. So I’m now wondering if it’s just a delay because of the weekend or if it is actually yet another glitch…surely not, you’d think they’d be all glitched out by this point lol!

Anyway if mine does come off my report I’ll let you know :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I am having the same problem - been 4 days now and mine still have not updated.


We switched to RM + RM 1st Class Stamps/Franking shortly after they announced the ‘bug’ with RM 1st Class - which we’d been using happily for weeks and so promptly went form N/A to 0%

However our VTR Report is still rolling forward each day with the last PDD as 30/07. I had expected it to stop by now and start dropping off from the front as we did before to reach N/A.

Anyone remember when did this latest issue began ?

It seems as if Franking etc is not exempt - the report only states Royal Mail 1st Class.


It is still rolling forward a day at a time, and I too have several that will be at least another week before they drop off. They don’t drop off until the first date of the 30 day window is reached.
I too was on 100% which dropped overnight to 0 when they suddenly started counting untracked 2nd class as invalid rather than exempt :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I did mine last Sunday and Monday and 4 are still on there a week later so presume its a glitch
Correctly showing on the order as 2nd class stamps/Franking but showing on the vtr report still as 2nd class


So I have now given up even trying, I turned off auto dispatch from Royal mail OBA and mark everything as stamps and still a VTR of 16%. If I get a suspension it will be the end of my association with Amazon. I have also written today to my MP explaining how small businesses are being treated by Amazon and will see if he has any suggestions. I feel tired and completely drained with all that sellers are being put through.


I’ve 10 orders out of over 1000 that are still flagged as invalid, despite all my order all being ‘stamped/franked’. My VTR stands at 10% today. It’s a shambles.


Are people using the option “Royal Mail 1st Class Stamps/Franking” or the last option which is simply just “Stamps/Franking”?


That was my query too, though I’ve been using buy shipping mostly…
Seems ridiculous that they have both options when they are basically the same thing ?! :roll_eyes:


I was using 2nd class stamps/franking for my LL’s and all was fine until the weekend.

like most things on amazon, dunno what to do now


I don’t where I read or heard it but I have a feeling the bottom option “Stamps/Franking” is the only exempt method? I’d be interested if anyone knows the answer :slight_smile:


I think the inclusion of ‘Stamps/Franking’ as an option was a big mistake and has completely confused/misled many sellers. As far as I am aware the only valid postage stamps that can be used in this country (GB/UK) are the ones that are issued by Royal Mail. There simply are no other stamps so that option should never have been included. Obviously this has been totally overlooked by Amazon.


Works fine for me - I now use second class stamps/franking. Went back and changed all previous and now shows exempt. Updated with 24 hours. I never use stamps/ Franking at bottom.


I was doing the same as you and all has been fine until Thursday when one showed up as invalid (my mistake for selecting wrong one) I changed it to 2nd Class Stamps/Franking but it has still not dropped off the report .


It will take a month to drop off though, as it is a retrospective rolling 30 day window for the calculation.