Wanting to sell in the US


Hi Guys and Gals,

Ok, for the last 16 months I’ve been selling on Amazon.co.uk and what a strange learning curve its been. But that’s just amazon right!..

I now want to start selling my products in the US, so here is my first question.

Can I somehow transfer my .co.uk listings on to the .com marketplace or do I need to set up a complacently new listing.




Hi its completely different I had to renew my passport to get verified for it lol


Ha Ha thats a bugger…

Yeah, I’ve got the .com site linked and verified and I just hopped it was just a case of somehow merging or transferring my ASIN over.

I have seen plenty of .com products for sale with all the US feedback attached on the .co.uk site so I was hoping it would work in a similar manner.


Watch your postal costs USA have added 6% + 6% to parcels that is being passed on by all delivery services.


Are you not using the Inventory > Sell Globally > Build International Listings tool to sync between the two marketplaces?


As far as I’m aware there is no way to link that with amazon americas


Thank you, I’ve just had a look at that, and I think that will work. fingers and toes crossed…


does this include FBA? I’m only going to be using FBA in the US.


I looked at a webinar that explained that it will not ship any products to US that are stored UK or EU. It is down to you to ship products to american FC. Then they do the rest.


Absolutely, we’ll be shipping a couple of pallet across in to the US FBA.


Hey MudMate!

Did you have to create a new ASIN for selling on amazon.com?

I already sell on Amazon UK, got Amazon US registered and verified but couldn’t see my UK ASIN or product name.

Does anyone know how to go about this? Do I need to create a new ASIN form product in order to list on amazon.com?

Thanks in advance.