Warehouse Damaged At Amazon FBA


Hi Everyone,

After a few years of selling on here, i’ve only just noticed i’m getting storage costs for warehouse damaged FBA items.

Ive checked the storage reports and I have around 15 different items showing as warehouse damaged, checked the FBA inventory and they are not there, so I cannot do anything with them such as return or destroy.

But on saying that - FBA warehouse damaged items, should be paid out via amazon warehouse disbursement. But I have been receiving storage costs for these warehouse damaged items.

Some of these items i’ve spotted, have not even been in stock for over a year as they were 1 off stock clearances.

As anyone else experienced this ?

Ive sent an email to amazon, but i never get much luck with SS.

Best regards Mike


I can’t say I’ve checked, but nothing in what you say surprises me.

I’ve recently raised a number of cases both here and in the US around inventory management issues. Their inventory management is appalling and the way they muddy the waters and use smoke & mirrors to hide what they are doing is unacceptable.

I’ve caught them out quite a number of times and they always deny everything and try to fob you off. Then when you persist they give links that sometimes seem plausible until you dig further.

They’ve become so big they haven’t really got a clue what’s going on, so they’ve designed their system in such a way that whatever happens they win and you loose.

It’s basically fraud with ultimate deniability.


its becoming more common i still have one showing from last june, i cannot get rid of it so i am paying storage costs on something not there, but to cover their tracks its either damaged in warehouse lost in transit or they deny you sent it in, which is what i am going through now, having to prove it, they have made that process so complicated our property becomes amazons as soon as you send it in, its a monopoly without rules or accountability it is fraud i am hoping someone will take them on ie via the press


I try to do a bit of a stock take every 6 months for my FBA inventory. It is a bit hard as it is all in the Amazon Warehouse(s) and the only thing to do is cross referrence my records with the live inventory.

Do note that they have a 18 month cut off for investigating stock errors. I noticed there was a missing FBA unit worth over £200 a few weeks ago, but it had gone ‘missing’ over 18 months ago so they claimed the records were unavaiable to check what happened.

The warehouse team(s) have been playing hard ball with missing and damaged stock for over a year now. It is very hard for them to admit responsibility for anything recently.


I have just had a reply on a different issue that said. We apologise for the error and agree it should not have happened. I would like to send you a reimbursement however I have asked our credit team and they said no as it is not their policy.


I have to honest and say that when I used FBA the number of ‘returns’ ‘damages’ and other reasons to charge my account was silly. However, I was able to keep on top of ALL charges that Amazon made to my account and as long as the fault was not mine they did refund and credit my account. I learnt that I needed to photograph EVERYTHING that I sent to them, inner and outer packing, bar codes, every stage of the process to build the pallet that I shipped to them ect ect. My experience was that whenever I had a dispute with a charge, as long as I could provide evidence that the goods had left me in perfect condition Amazon did refund my account. Not what you would call a partnership!! As you may have guessed I dont use FBA any more.


I had a case where they actually had already admitted that 299 units were missing from a removal and their credit ops team said no to reimbursing it twice - closed the case. Then had to reopen and they sent it a third time.

Amazon refuse to reimburse the removal fees on these items - as according to them they provided the service of removing them - even though I didn’t receive them - I have told them the tracking clearly states the items were never collected from their warehouse - so they weren’t removed. They say the tracking may not be accurate :joy:

Whilst I haven’t noticed the issue of the original post yet. I have also noticed that items that Amazon have declared lost have attracted return fees after I have already been reimbursed to me but not reversed. Amazon again won’t reimburse these. This has occurred on multiple occasions. Those fees are a small part of a court case I have lodged against Amazon which they intend to defend in court.


they are getting around that by not allowing the evidence to be downloaded, its comes up with error message, i have just been robbed of 8 items i know i sent but with no comeback they have dismissed my claim out of hand, why do a mega company like amazon need to steal small sellers goods with flimsy reasons damaged in warehouse lost in transit or not sent in?
we not just be honest they have the power and will do as they want we have to accept it


please keep us updated


If you check your reimbursement report you may find that Amazon have already reimbursed you for warehouse damaged stock. Either way if you always request a return of unfulfillable inventory you will often get a pop us saying that Amazon takes responsibility for the damage and will reimburse you.


I stopped using FBA for these very reasons. I got next to nothing for the stock they damaged and they kept charging me storage for items that had been sold and had not been in stock for a long time.

I just got completely fed up with their attitude that this is acceptable. Withdrew all my stock when they eventually managed to find it. For me it is more cost effective to have my own office and storage even although I have to obviously pay rent for this. It lets me keep full control of my stock and guess what, not one single item ever gets damaged.


On top of this they are removing distributor damaged items in auto removal orders and later on refusing to reimburse.

The time it takes to convince FBA support is very long. You feel robotic FBA support rather than sensible humans. I am sorry to say


I am having problems with them destroying customer damaged items. They don’t send any notification and it does not appear in the removal order detail report. The stock just gets destroyed. When I ask why they just say it had been there over 30 days.


That is an appalling state of affairs.

I’d write back and say it’s not my policy to accept no for an answer, especially when those involved admit they are in the wrong.


They don’t seem to have a great deal of respect for my policies.


do double check that they were destroyed after 30 days and not before,
they are sometimes trigger happy with the destructions and if destroyed before 30 days - they will reimburse you


Yes indeed they do. I am currently having a dispute with US over the fees I have been charged. The 6 answers I have received so far range from ludicrous to totally dishonest.

They are just making it up as they go along. Even when I send them a link to their own policies I get a reply that has no bearing on the case at all. If find it incredible that our fees are used to pay the salaries of such an army of incompetent people. I don’t care how large Amazon is that level of poor management is unsutainable.


Very true.

I had a case in the US and their instant reaction was to deny all knowledge and claim there was no discrepancy in my inventory. After I pursued the matter they came up with at least four different figures. How can you get it so wrong all the time?

I’ve also got a dispute in the UK where they took money from my account claiming they ‘found’ a unit. After a lot of copy & paste nonsense they’ve come up with nonsense links which apparently show the same unit was lost once but found twice. How is that even possible? Of course they’ve reimbursed the money once and then taken it back twice.

The case has now been pending for over a week while they ‘investigate’. No doubt they’ve finally realised the game is up and they’re looking for an excuse not to pay up.