WARNING - FBA Stock Destroyed Without Choice!


Want to flag a warning, and also check if anyone has experienced this. Amazon just destroyed/disposed over 48 units ~ £1k of stock without my permission.

The background of this is that we shipped in 48 units - and the manufacturer issued a safety recall. The stock in FBA was made unfulfillable - and I was looking to receive it back to return to the manufacturer for refund/replacement.

We have Automatic Returns set - however, I went about attempting to remove them anyway, but not able to. Amazon set then as Unfulfillable but also “stuck in a transaction” for a period.

Later, they moved to a Disposal order (by Amazon) - and despite numerous requests to investigate and cancel the Disposal order - they have just been Disposed/Destroyed. Seller support said they would attempt to cancel, but it seemed to not work.

The reason cited was “Important: Amazon reserves the right to dispose of any inventory which poses a safety risk.” - as noted in https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/gp/help/201436560

I am absolutely shocked by this. Over £1k of stock wiped out due to Amazon deciding not to return the stock to me, whereupon I would have returned it to the manufacturer for refund/replacement.

I challenged that the “…any inventory that poses a safety risk…” was something like broken glass, or HAZMAT items, or those hover boards that caught fire - I would understand this.

These were kids water bottles that were subject to a safety recall as a miniscule percentage may have had a choking hazard due to manufacturing issue. Not a inherent safety/dangerous/hazard inventory in itself.

It seems that Amazon may have decided that I was not trusted to return to the manufacturer but maybe deemed that I may sell them off-Amazon despite a product recall?

This is frankly ridiculous - anyone had this before?


Probably Amazon covering their backs against liability on the off chance that you, or a more unscrupulous seller would have sold these on rather than return to the manufacturer.
It would only have taken one child to get hurt for this to blow up in yours and Amazon’s faces
As you have the disposal order from Amazon you should still be able to receive a credit from your manufacturer, but without the added hassle of returning the bottles.


Really? I can give that a try - but would be shocked if I got anywhere. It’s via distributor, not manufacturer directly, but don’t think that makes any difference really. We have already been told that we need to return the stock. After all, there may be customers that may be happy (there’s a way to check if a batch is affected), or unaware of a recall - and that would be open to abuse in itself claiming for refund of stock that has been sold and not returned.

Me: “Hey, I want a refund for your recalled stock”
Distributor/Manufacturer: “Yep, sorry about that, just send them back and we will refund you”
Me: “Oh, can’t do that. It was at Amazon, and they binned them. They wouldn’t give it back to me”
Distributor/Manufacturer: “Err…”
Me: “Really - look at this Screenshot/Email/Print Out” (that I could have faked easily?)
Distributor/Manufacturer: “Err…”

They’ve already said that they need our stock (which we have on hand, not in FBA) returned for refund.
It’s lucky that we didn’t send a pallet over!

Seriously - what are Amazon playing at. If they have inventory that was recalled, would they bin them, and not return for refund? Yes, I know Amazon probably are big enough to just bin them and demand a refund (and comnpensation!) - but I’m not as big as Amazon!