Was My Topic Deleted?


It seems to have been deleted, yes
Did the thread wander off topic or get heated at all in it’s latter stages?


I doubt I’m qualified to answer that question. Just like I think Amazon was wrong to ban my account, I also think that deleting my topic is uncalled for.

No warnings, no notification, nothing. They just do whatever they want and we must fall into line. Utterly ridiculous.


Without wanting to go to deep into this I would just reiterate what I believe I said yesterday.
There will be a tangible link to another suspended [or not fully opened] account, and you need to find that link.
Amazon have and so have suspended you for breach of policy.
They are not at fault, and will not be wrong about this.


I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my messages and offering assistance. Without any indication as to what that link might be and zero help from Amazon, it looks like my selling days on Amazon are over.


Unfortunately this is one situation in which Amazon won’t budge.
They will not, for security reasons, help reveal the link they have found as doing so might provide bad actors with a way to evade their security checks.
If you really cannot uncover the linked account then yes, unfortunately you will not be able to progress.


One company that used to share my office space had an account that was banned from Amazon.

I have just noticed, that in my shipping addresses, I have used their registered address (which we don’t share) to ship to on a number of occasions, could that be a problem, that the address of a banned account is stored in my shipping addresses?

Even if it is the case, how would I then submit that information to Amazon on top of all the information I’ve currently submitted. They’ve not responded to any of that and submitting new information will just put me further back in the queue and confuse things further. Is that not the case?


So there is a link…
Start over with your POA, explain the link you know about, dissociate yourself from that other company, using evidence of different owners, bank account etc and submit that.
No point waiting on a response that will only be a denial.
And get that address of your account before you begin, and then include that step in your poa.


To say it’s a remote link is being generous.

I’ll put something together based on your recommendations and submit it.

Thank you again.


Unless you are saying that this other, banned company, purchased goods from you and you have them as a customer [which is not the way I read what you said] then it’s not that remote a link
You sent goods to another, banned companies, storage facility and have that companies address down in your account.
That is quite a strong link…


As I mentioned previously, I was in a shared office. I happened to be sharing with family members, my in laws, we don’t share a family name. As a result, it happened that my wife ordered products from Amazon and shipped them to her parents house. This is totally unrelated to my business activities. She was just using my account, which was at one point a personal account and then upgraded to a business account which I was using to sell from.

My in laws are still selling on Amazon as they appealed that restriction and are know using another account. As this all happened 4-5 years ago, they’re unable to even recall the details of the account that was banned.

The other company in my building is sharing the exact same information I am and are using the address (that I assume I was banned for using) and are operating as Amazon sellers without interruption.

Out of 3 companies, who, if you look deep enough are linked (in their personal lives, not in anyway by business operations), I find it rather strange that I have been singled out and restricted.

That is why I say that the link is generous, if in fact that is the link. Or perhaps, it’s just a matter of time before the Amazon bots decide to pull the plug on them as well.


I find it rather strange that I have been singled out and restricted.

I realise you feel singled out - but try not to take it personally. Amazon have very strict rules regarding linked accounts in any format. This is definately the link (Amazon are never wrong on there being one), and Adrian is spot on with excellent advice.

Use his advice to form a POA, without criticism of Amazon rules,and comparisons to other sellers. The main thing is you have found the link. Maybe post your POA here before submitting it.

Good luck.


Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team,

I would like to appeal the removal of my seller privileges due to an account conflict. My account is related to one that has been banned from selling on Amazon.

I understand that Amazon has processes in place to protect their business practices and their customers and I would like to share with you my Plan of Action to address this issue:

What is the problem?

• My account is related to an account that has been banned from selling on Amazon.
• I have used a shipping address that is associated with an account that has been banned.

What I have done to resolve this problem

• I am in a shared building with shared internet.
• At one point there was 2 other companies here, now there’s just one.
• I’ve spoken with the people that ran the other company and they have had an Amazon account that was banned, however, it was about 4 years ago and they don’t recall the details of that account.
• I have made sure that I do not have any other account associated with another email address that I use.
• There is no problems with my selling practices or the products that I was selling on Amazon up until the time of the restrictions
• I have submitted relevant documents to show I am a separate entity from the account that was banned.

What I will do to prevent similar problems in the future

• I will continue to use only one account and not open any other Amazon selling account, although I have never had another account.
• I will encourage the people sharing my internet connection to practice the appropriate selling methods on Amazon to ensure their accounts aren’t banned and therefore will affect the others sharing the internet connection.
• I will continue souring all my inventory directly from the most reputable suppliers.
• I will be regularly checking the condition of my items to ensure that all customers receive them in 100% perfect condition.
• I will make sure that all items are packaged as securely as possible to prevent damage during transit.
• I categorically disassociate myself and my company and my Amazon selling account from any other business that is not
• My registered business address is:
• My trading address is:
• My home address is:
• Any business name or address outside of the above is categorically NOT linked to myself or my business.

I believe that my Plan of Action sufficiently addresses the issues and the original concern that Amazon had regarding my account. I am looking forward to having my seller privileges reinstated so that I can practice the correct seller behaviour on Amazon.

Kind regards,


Please let me know any adjustments I could make.

Thank you.


I agree.

Most businesses operating from business premises will be occupying addresses that have had a number of previous occupiers. If they are in retail premises then all previous occupiers would have been retailers and some are likely to have been Amazon sellers. Some may also have suffered at the hands of Amazon - maybe for good reasons, maybe not - and some may have gone bust leaving unpaid debts or goods not delivered. None of this relates to any current occupiers of such premises (Unless there is a valid link of course).

Credit referencing is no longer based upon the address, only the person (Or legal entity) as this was ended decades ago by regulation. I wonder if a GDPR request to Amazon might disclose a link and if not, then surely this would mean they have no other information as they must disclose everything they have?


Since I was online last you have actually revealed yet another link to a different seller account, and that new link could be even more serious than the shipping address one.

As already mentioned, Amazon are never wrong in this account linking.
1: You shared an office with your in-laws who also ran a seller account.

The first link.
2: Your wife ordered goods from YOUR account, to be delivered to her parents, at the address which was registered on THEIR account.
2nd Link

Your in-laws account was, at some point banned but they are somehow up and running again on a new disassociated account.

You have established therefore that you have two direct links to a related seller account that was, and still is banned

Then, on top of that you have a different banned seller accounts warehouse address sitting in YOUR shipping addresses on your account info on Amazon…and that account is now banned
So you are linked separately to two different banned accounts.

Your POA will need to address BOTH other accounts and try to dissociate yourself from them [but since one is actually relatives that may be difficult].
Looking at the POA you posted It looks poor to me as there is NO detail.

Come on, add some more detail here
WHY is that companies address sitting in your account?
It didn’t add itself, so you need to provide Amazon a credible explanation.

Name the companies. Name the directors of each, explain that you are not an owner and have no interest in the other company.
FGS you are trying to prove to Amazon that you have no association with this other company so lay down some facts…

Totally not good enough.
They ran that company, of course they remember the details.

No offense, but who said you did have?, so don’t mention irrelevant facts.

Again, you aren’t talking about selling practices here so why mention this.
Stick to the point
Linked accounts and why you should not be associated with them.

Now you are allowing your sarcasm to shine through in your POA.
Be polite and not snarky.

All totally off topic, have you been reading too many copy and paste appeals on this forum?

Your word is not enough, you need to provide the evidence by way of bank details being different, owners, addresses, Inventory etc.
Don’t just say " I promise I’m not linked to another account, honest" Provide documentary evidence.

Remember, you need to successfully dissociate yourself from both the accounts you have so far revealed yourself to be linked to.
You have a tough task ahead of you,but not necessarily an impossible one.


Brilliant help and support post!


Without wishing to come across as the Spelling Police, I would also spell check your POA and also correct some of the grammar, purely because it may well be being read by BOTS or run through some kind of translation programme.

For the same reason keep language simple and to the point, who knows what someone for whom English isn’t their first language will translate ‘categorically disassociate’ to. I really believe that, once they stop understanding what your appeal says, that is when they hit send on a stock reply.


Just out of interest, when I click to read a reply to one of my comments on the original thread I can still view it?


Maybe the Mods restored it minus the more controversial latter posts…
But I can’t see the thread, are you sure you are looking at this Op’s original thread? [EXQT]


This was the title of the thread.It has been deleted from the forum and is now cached.

Seller Privileges Revoked for Account Conflict