We are losing money because of amazon policy


WE sell clock room basins. Because we had quite few brakage amazon suggested to pay for it and FBA prepares and labels it. We don it. All amazon did wrapping thinest possible bible wrap around the box and sending it to buyer and we had more breakages. I started opening the pack pack in with thick big bubble wrap and enforcing it with more cardboard inside. Brakages reduced dramatically but still have some. I am sending my basin to FBA by UPS . When basins breaks you can not miss it because ceramic rattles and you have to be deaf not to hear and nit understand that is broken. So FBA receive them and puts them in my inventory hardly had any breakages by UPS. Than the problem starts… Amazon sends it to buyer in UK and EU. and courier breaks it. Customer when notices is refuses the delivery, when they accept the delivery they create Return and in return options there is option to select broken in transit !!! Worst option is defective and buyer select defective and when open a case amazon refuses to compensate us saying its defective. Well it was not when it arrived to FBA. I think this is done to avoid compensation sellers .We should not be penalised for something is not our fault specially when the fault is couriers. Again WE had quite few basins came half broken or broken where you fix it to the wall. And has silicone behind it. This means buyer took it it was ok tried fitting it by applying the silicone and fixing it to the wall and smashes the basin and sending it back Again who lost Seller. Another incident some buyers steals the tap from the box and send the basin back. Lately amazon asked me to supply invoice of the taps. I think amazon does not care about the seller. Which totally wrong. Than another incident i had a product was selling around 30-40 per week. all of a sudden stopped. I asked amazon they said they don’t know. =Next thing i noticed amazon selling the same product itself in spain and italy. Another incident. I listed basin with tap. All of a sudden disappeared from UK listing but still existed in WU market place. took me 3 months trying and no help nothing done. almost 9 moths later i noticed amazon listed my basin in UK market place under different ASIN . i come across this accidentally . I had 60 basins with tap in stock and i don’t know how many of my basins amazon sold and did not pay me . i opened case and they listed my basin in my inventory . i asked to be paid for the basins they sold . result NOTHING.
I AM PRETTY DISAPPOINTED. I always though amazon was fair on everyone but after all this. i doubt it


I lost interest after the first 2 lines.

Did you not watch and study the seller university? The drop test etc? How about how to reconcile stock with sales etc?

FBA works for us and many others, may be we have spent the time in learning how to?


I’m guessing you are not a regular visitor to the forums with a comment like this