Webinar: Have your questions answered in our first Strategic Update and Q&A


You have told us that you would like to understand Amazon’s strategic vision: How a customer-centric company values its sellers, why our policies change, and how we’re adapting to a changing retail and regulatory environment.

In our first Strategic Update and Q&A webinar, Stacey van den Aardweg, Head of UK FBA and EU Global Selling, will update you on Amazon’s strategic focus for the months ahead. Then she’ll answer your pre-submitted questions about our programmes and policies in an extended Q&A.

This event is highly recommended for new and existing Sellers as it offers the chance to hear from marketplace leadership and focus your plans for the year ahead.

To ensure we cover the topics that matter most to you, and can give detailed responses, submit your questions in advance via ukwebinars@amazon.com.

Note: The session will address high-level questions about our strategy, policies, tools and programmes, as opposed to specific or technical support cases.

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And what exactly is the point of this?

We don’t want your opinions on how you ’think’ you value us. What we really want is to actually feel valued… you know like you used to do.

The shambolic state of your so-called ‘Seller Support’ as well as the fact you bend over backwards to accommodate fraudulent buyers, tells us that we are not valued.

Then there’s the Digital Services tax which was specifically directed at large multi-nationals who were avoiding tax in the UK by shifting their tax liability to Luxembourg. In the spirit of the law, Ebay paid this tax themselves… Amazon did not. They made US pay it. So who really values their sellers?

I could go on, but in short we’re sick of your empty meaningless platitudes.

We don’t want words, we want action.


This fundamentally seems to be the problem with Amazon. Too much concept, not enough actually getting things to work properly.

There was a ‘Trouble shooter’ television program about a hospital which wasn’t being well run. The denouement of the program consisted of the trouble shooter saying to the hospital manager “you aren’t actually managing. You don’t actually talk to the people you manage or help them”, you spend all of your time at seminars. That’s how I feel Amazon has been constructed. Loads of pointless bumpf and no actual management.

I had two late packages in 3000 odd sales and because they were in the same week and the Amazon software is not great, it completely killed my sales for a few weeks. I was effectively fined about a thousand pounds for posting two packs a day late. It was not possible to talk to anyone about this because it was Amazon seller rating related. You may think the Amazon vehicle looks glossy but the engine needs fixing.


The last couple of webinars I watched were just scripted. No interaction at all. It is 100% impossible to get Amazon to answer anything specific at all.

For example why do Amazon now find ALL A-Z claims in favour of the buyer, even with full tracking. There are 100s of threads on the forum about this and Amazon ignore them completely.


Shockingly I have just had an A-Z claim found in the buyers favour, when I have Royal Mail tracking saying the item was delivered. How very good of you Amazon! I appealed and obviously Amazon are sticking to their decision. Crooks!


I have had 3 a-z claims now in 36 hours to the USA all had tracking on both the Royal mail website and UPS website showed the item was delivered 8 days before the early estimate Amazon auto response you have not proved delivery.
I asked them what is the point in having tracking when Amazon are going to ignore tracking response Seller support can not provide that information and we may not reply to future replies.


It’s unacceptable it really is. @Jessica can you please escalate this. So many buyers have the same story. Why does the A-Z system NOT take tracking into account.


Anyone else that was planning on joining, can you actually see or hear anything? I just have a “waiting for Amazon” message

Edit - ignore the above, Live now


Yes the session was late starting and it was a bit of a chaotic start as well

When they got into the groove it was a fairly informative session and worthwhile attending.


I unfortunately had to leave halfway through, how long do the webinars usually take to be uploaded?


Its normally a few days but sometimes can take longer.