Weight Limit on Boxes - Help please!


Hi there,

I’ve shipped a few boxes which weight more than 15kg (approx 22 kg each) and only now realised tat Amazon have put in place a max weight limit of 15kg. on items.

Each box that has been shipped however, only contains individual items weight no more than 200g.

On further reading, I understand that the restriction applies only to items that require 2 people to pick, pack and ship. So in my case, am I safe or should I expect a return of these boxes?

Asking as I have a few more boxes that are ready to be shipped, so if now allowed, I need to cancel and rework these.



It’s a max weight of 15kg per shipment box, not per item.
As far as I’m aware, this still hasn’t been lifted. So you may find your shipment stuck.
At this point in time, there really isn’t an awful lot that you can do about it.
Just hope, that it will go through ok.

If your planning on sending more in, then definitely repack them, so the max box weight it less than 15kg.


Dear me – do you know what might happen in such cases? Would the shipment get delivered to Amazon, and then returned to me, or would Amazon simply refuse to accept the entire shipment (shipment consists of around 4 or 5 boxes which weigh less than 15 kg)

Shame that the shipment creation tool doesn’t stop the creation of such shipments, or at least display a warning message!


Hi you can send over 15kg again but it may be delayed if a two man lift is required, if there is a fulfilment center which cant take it you would have received a notification when creating shipment and it would have prevented you from booking so worst case it may sit a little longer than normal.


I’ve not seen an official announcement saying that. Want to post it?


was on the news feed yesterday;


I think you perhaps need to read that again.

We are still temporarily limiting receiving products that weigh more than 15 kg, as they may require two-person handling that cannot be performed in compliance with physical-distancing guidance from health authorities. When you create a new shipment for your product, the shipment creation tool will advise you if there is a fulfilment centre capable of handling it.


So it looks like some fulfilment centres do accept over 15 kg?


Yes they do and sellers have reported much the same on the forum, just expect delays and no assurances.
However, after July 4th with a 1m social distancing rule in place there will be far less disruption so start packing…:slightly_smiling_face:


with maximum box size of 65.5cm on any 1 side… so the 2 arm will have to make up the extra 34cm… might be possible if you are around 180cm tall.

on a more serious note, if the product is over 15kg; then it might get sold if the listing allowed. However if it is the packing weight that is over 15KG, IMHO just pack it to under so it can get checked in.


Can’t believe you did the calcul! :rofl:


Hi Neil, so yes its saying its allowing over 15kg but not in all centers but if there is no capability for it then it will flag up our shipment.


One thing we never ever realised was the box size until about 7-7 weeks ago we have been sending in a box longest side 72cm for god knows how long safe to say we have just been lucky.


i know… sometimes you just use what you got at hand… i struggle already with a 63.5cm box as I am not that tall… with 72cm box, a 190cm person should be able to lift by himself :smiley: even if it is over 15kg… i have seen courier drivers do it!


hahahaha belta @Onemore


A raised a call today, this is the response…

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that your concern is regarding that you want to know about sending products to Amazon warehouse which are weight over 15kg

In this regard, I would like to inform you that we are temporarily limiting receiving, restocking, and shipping for products that require two people to pick, pack, or ship. This applies to parcels and individual products weighing more than 15kg.

On the other hand When you create a new shipment for your product, the shipment creation tool will advise you if there is a fulfilment centre capable of handling items weight over 15 kg"

If shipment creation allows you to create a shipment consists 10 items, where the total weight is 16KG then you will b able to send shipment otherwise it will not allows you becise it did not find that there is a fulfilment centre capable of handling items weight over 15 kg"

Help pages.



Please let us know how we did.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?


When did this change come in? I’m still sending in shipments at 30kg max no problem?

My last shipment was sent in on 18th June and is in receiving now. No issue. All of my boxes were between 25kg and 30kg

Just tested it right now and seems there’s no issue setting up a shipment for 30kg parcel… See below:


Yep I have sent parcels circa 25/29kg (books) over the last few days the last one being sent on the 22nd at 29kg and its receiving now.


That’s bit of a chick on their part, try lifting their Pantry boxes when the minimum Tracked 24/48 Royal Mail weight is 30KG… Have you tried calling RoyaMail business unless you are an FBA?


That may mean for individual items over 15kg each