Weight Limit on Boxes - Help please!


The exact text from the announcment below.
It seems pretty clear to me.
In plain English, that says, there are still limiting it, but they MAY make an exception…


A couple of people have now mentioned sending in 30kg. I was under the impression the max weight for FBA was 23kg (unless the item itself weighs more). Have I gotten that wrong?


No, you have that right.
If you send over, then it has to be handled manually and your likely to get a warning.
But invidivdual items over it, are fine.
I’ve actually just sent in 5 pallets of fridges, all of which weigh about 25kg each.
Accepted and already sold! Before you ask…


Thanks for your input guys. I’ve held off sending anymore shipments, just in case. Hoping that the 25 boxes I’ve already sent will be accepted!


That’s what I thought too… Most of my boxes weighed more than 23 kg, so I had to reduce the weight and re-pack before sending them out…


Thanks. It’s a waiting game now I guess…


I’ve never had an issue in all the hundreds of shipments I’ve sent over the last year. It comes up with a warning saying max is 30kg when I try to do more than 30kg


I suspect that it hasn’t been changed on the software.
They do however have a limit of 23kg per box when sending to FBA.
If it’s over that weight, it has to be handled manually, which increase the time it takes to get through the system and the stock onto sale.
You may well be getting through with them, but you will eventually end up with a warning, believe me.

Take a look at the below.



I’ve sent numerous boxes 20-30kg to various centres and had no issues, apart from slight delay receiving which I believe is across the board at the moment.


To add to this, I believe it used to be 30kg until April 2019 when they lowered it.


If possible reduce the number of items in a box such that the total weight is under 15Kg. It is likely this will save you money on shipping (on a per item basis). Though you need to weigh it up against time involved.

Pun intended.



It would be cheaper for you to send 2 boxes @15kg each, rather than 1 box @ 30kg.

2 x 15kg boxes costs £7.21 with UPS (Amazon Partner Carrier), where as your one 30kg box costed you £9.15


Just so you are aware they do issue warnings for weight and size, just had 24 for a delivery of a pallet of boxes (each box contained 6 units) that were 67cm long, although each was only 12Kg in total, hadn’t thought about it as they have never complained in the past and not really a 2 man lift. I’ve accepted the warnings but not sure what the long term implication is!
A couple of months ago they also issued a warning for a box that was overweight at 20Kg which was totally my fault as I wasn’t thinking.


I’ll bear that in mind in future. Although, I find the cost might be offset by the difference in price for box sizes. Larger boxes always cost less per centimetre than smaller boxes… I need a new box supplier though… Where do you get yours?


I’ll carry on as normal until I get notified then :stuck_out_tongue:


So you will knowingly go against Amazon policies…
More fool you.


Be very careful, if you miss the warnings/notifications (some can end up in your buyer messages if you use the same email address for your seller account)
Then your account risks being suspended.


I missed the information about 15kg boxes. Sent in 4 boxes this week, all over 15kg but under 23kg (thats what I thought the rules were at the time). They’ve all been booked in and I haven’t had my wrist slapped. The last time I read anything about it 15kg related to an individual item and it was 23kg max weight. I’ve had one over 23kg before and they DID tell me about it so I make sure they’re 15 - 20kg now. I’m just going to carry on as normal and ignore this 15kg rule. It’s either not accurate or amazon aren’t policing it.


Shipped another 8 boxes today, no warning messages or anything. :smiley: Majority over 23kg


Oohhh, aren’t you the clever one…