What are your return rates for FBM, FBA UK and FBA EU?



I have not long started selling in the EU with FBA only. I am trialing France first before going all in and selling in other EU marketplaces.

So far I have managed to sell about 100 units in France over the last 3 months. Now my returns in france I had 1 on the return on or 2 returns on the 1st or 2nd month of selling in france and I have had 5 so far in my 3rd month which is this month that we are in now. I have had 4 of them just this week alone.

Now do others see far higher returns in Europe/France?

Before saying it could be my products, my stats are as follows:-

My return rate doing FBM is under 1%
My return rate doing FBA UK is between 1.5% and 2.5%.

My current FBA France rate is already at around 6% to 7% and that’s if I don’t receive anymore returns this month.

That return rate is huge and concerning before it’s a lot more expensive selling in the EU do to higher amazon fees so I am actually taking a smaller profit margin to try keep prices down a bit so I get sales, but with a lower margin and higher return rate, I may need to just sell 25% of my units in France just to break even without considering the VAT accounting fees and Packaging Waste costs on top.

I’m starting to think selling over in the EU may not actually be profitable and the time it’s taking to learn how to do everything and all the different laws and rules is just time consuming and troublesome.


For us, our FBA UK return rate for the past 30 days was just over 2%, although I have had ‘refund notifications’ for more than the orders shown on the FBA Customer Returns report, so will be querying those with Amazon.

Back when we first started, Amazon auto listed all our FBA inventory on Europe sites (well before Brexit), and majority of what got sold over in Europe was returned eventually.


Oh that’s not great if most of it was returned. No one can make any money in the EU if majority of it gets returned as you still pay the packing fees and some of the referral fees to amazon, plus then orders that are not sold within a year get big storage fees added to them unless you pull them items out which then costs a lot to get them returned to the uk aswell now.


Did you take into account its Jan my returns are higher than average, guess it just unwanted Christmas presents, happened last year also.
Please update your post how you get on I’m looking a trying France and Germany but cant figure out if its worth it.