What condition do I put?



I am looking at selling an electronic item in the office category that is brand new inside but the box is damaged. I have looked at the condition guidelines but unsure still which option to pick as the condition?

I was thinking used-very good with images of the damaged box? as under the guidelines a new product needs to be suitable for gifting.


Are you registered as a business seller?


Yes I am registered as a business seller.


Had to check, as you simply can’t sell as new if your an individual.
If the item is actually brand new, but the box is just a bit bashed, then I would suggest New-Other. Though they have changed the naming conventions fairly recently. So whichever equates to that.


I did notice that the conditions have changed annoyingly, as I am unable to put a note underneath the condition saying the box is damaged. These are the only options now;

With the option to add up to 6 images.

I thought I would ask for opinions on here as I am sure seller support would not give me a relevant answer… as either it could be like new or very good.


I would choose New-Open box. Along with a description obviously.


The open box option you do not have to include any images or have the option to add a description saying the box is damaged etc.

Any suggestions on which option I should pick? @Julia_Amazon / @Nickolas_Amazon / @Jessica


They aren’t going to answer you. They will give you a link to the page that describes it and that’s it.
If your that concerned about it, then you should just sell it on Ebay instead.


Hello @Loopsandplutoy,

As per Amazon Condition guidelines,can be different based on the product type. As general guideline if the box is missing or damaged, for Office Products it will be selected - Used Acceptable.


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