What does "Active (with quality alert)" mean in your open listings?


Hi All

Just wondering if anyone knows what the above means? It is the status of a couple of the books I have listed.

Thanks in advance for any info.


One of them’s got one but the other is on further examination lacking quite a bit of info. But is it my place to write THE product review?


I am having problems uploading images at the moment - is anyone else finding the same?
I get an error message.


Not so much a review as a synopsis rather - or the equivalent for other items.
For books and films I just add the blurb from the dust jackets/ back cover :wink:


We all get them in our listings.
It usually means there is some information or an image missing from the listing itself.
Or that the image is of poor quality.

You can update the listing to add the necessary information. There is a link at the bottom of the main listing page.


Thanks for your replies guys.

Is there anything to indicate what’s wrong with the listings? They both look fine to me - they have images, publish details, and product descriptions.


It may be something minor - number of pages, weight, date, ?
I have never come across details of what the problem may be - Does anyone else know if this is provided?


Oh I never thought of a review …
It would help if you could click on the alert message and find out just what is missing :slight_smile:


It usually just means there is something missing from the Amazon listing page , details, such as number of pages , publisher , that kind of thing

Nothing you have done


It can sometimes be that there is no blurb/review that tells the customer what a book is about as opposed to product description, which describes the, (in this instance, a book), number of pages, paperback or hardback, date of publication etc.

Is it books you are selling or something else?

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Well as Pat says, you can just add the synopsis from the book but I don’t tend to bother as it doesn’t seem to make any difference sales. Good luck with the due cluttering!


I haven’t tried to add any photos recently so don’t know if there are any problems. I have to admit to being a bit lazy re adding info as I find it doesn’t seem to affect sales at all. :slight_smile:


One of the listings looks perfectly fine but I’ve just found that the other is lacking a product description and a book description.

I’m just selling a few of my own books and DVDs to declutter.


Try adding a few sentences about the book etc from the blurb on covers / boxes … For books it is easy because there is always some summary information to use.

Don’t worry too much because it won’t affect your listing / potential sale really :slight_smile:

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There’s nothing on the back cover and it’s got “Search Inside” to show various excerpts from it. The only thing concise enough might be the foreword but that’s a lot of writing :wink:


I can imagine :slight_smile:

I would just leave it for now if I were you. As I said it won’t affect any potential sales.

There are so many of these quality alerts we could all spend a lot of time on them.


Yes you’re right, it’s not urgent. I think I’ll let someone else do it :wink:

Thanks for your help… and for humouring me :wink:

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Very sensible … Have a coffee or something instead:)

Good luck with the sales !


And good luck to you too :slight_smile:


It was a pleasure … Gave me a break from my game of “hunt the book”. I hope that you never have to play this game … It is very frustrating :frowning: